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You CAN Use the Silent Treatment in A Good Way – Here’s How

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No matter how happy your relationship is, there can and will be downs that could rival the ups – and how you deal with the bad moments can affect how long the relationship will last. Think about this for a moment. If your girl accused you of cheating, did you defend yourself as calmly as possible, or did you hire one of the Brisbane escorts you found online a while back, to get back at your partner?

While the silent treatment is usually one of those reactions that relationship experts don’t recommend, there are times where it’s easier to walk away from an argument, or simply just stop responding to anything your partner says. As it turns out, if used effectively and with good intentions, the silent treatment can be a good way to set the stage for a better relationship.

That said, here are a few tips to remember to make sure you don’t use this it to hurt your partner in the long run.

1. Don’t stretch it out. Used the wrong way, the silent treatment can last for days. If you want it to be the start of a stronger relationship, use it as a way to cool off instead. This means it shouldn’t last more than an hour or two if you live together. For couples who don’t live together or who are in a long-distance relationship, it shouldn’t take more than a day.

2. Tell your partner beforehand. As tempting as it is to just walk out and slam the door, your partner deserves to know which action upset you so much you’d need to be by yourself to calm down. Let her know you’re not in the right frame of mind to talk things out just yet.

3. Hear her out. Don’t just say your part and then leave the room to start giving your partner the cold shoulder. Listen to what she has to say, then tell her you need to be alone or excuse yourself. Cutting her off in the middle, or – worse – walking away just when she starts talking will just create an emotional wall between you.

4. Talk about it. Ending the silent treatment isn’t as simple as starting a whole new conversation. You need to let your partner know you’re ready to talk things over. Remind her how you feel – what led to the silent treatment – and give her another chance to air her side. Then apologise to each other.

5. Don’t use it often. The silent treatment should be used only in extreme cases, if at all. Otherwise, your partner could simply repeat the hurtful behaviour to get revenge for said treatment. Obviously, that’s the opposite of what you want to happen.

As you can see, like hiring one of the Brisbane escorts you know about, can help pave the way to a better relationship – but only if it’s used correctly. If you remember the above tips, you should be fine.

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