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Top Ways You Can Tell She’s Only After Your Attention

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You’re going to meet all sorts of people over the course of your life – both good and bad. For instance, you might find yourself really into one particular girl and you don’t realise until it’s too late that she could just be playing you since she’s only after your attention. No bloke wants that to happen to them, of course, and some might even end up turning to the Brisbane Escorts you see online for company – among other things.

Before you well and truly back off, though, you need to know if she really is only in it for the attention you can give her. If she isn’t, then you may have a chance. If she is, it’s best you don’t waste another minute chasing after her. Here are a few signs to look out for so you won’t find it so hard to figure her out.

She Needs to Feel Like a Celebrity

It’s a fact that she loves being complimented. She’ll spend an hour or so deciding what to wear and doing her makeup, and she expects people – you included – to tell her how great she looks. She’ll even make a negative comment or two about her appearance, prompting you to contradict her and boost her ego.

You may also notice she doesn’t really have a lot of genuine friends, and while this might mean she’s picky about whom she forms relationships with. If she seems to ‘switch out’ individuals who don’t stimulate her as much, it’s very likely that she’s just looking for attention.

She’s also inconsistent, often taking the phrase “running both hot and cold” a little too far for your tastes. She’ll text you all the time for a few days, and then suddenly you’ll hear nothing from her for a while. In fact, she’s making you invest more time in her while you figure out what’s going on.

She Doesn’t Pay You Much Attention

Even if she spends time with you, you can bet most of it will be spent on her phone. She’s checking her social media accounts, taking selfies, texting friends and making plans for later or the next day, and so on. Basically, she’s only with you to pass the time and make small talk while waiting for something better – and while you inadvertently boost her ego at the same time.

You might find out, too, that she knows practically nothing about you since she’s never asked you anything about yourself. She’ll know what you do for a living and perhaps something about your hobbies. But she won’t know about your future plans, your dearest desires – the sort of thing a potential partner would be interested in.

While finding out she’s just in it for attention can be discouraging – especially if she’s as attractive and beguiling as one of the Brisbane escorts you find online now and then – you can rest assured you’ll find the one for you eventually. You just have to be patient and keep looking.

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