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The Lascivious Pleasures Brought by Brisbane Escorts

     The greatest sexual prowess exhibited by the ultimate courtesans in Brisbane Escorts are insurmountable. No other escorts can make you feel such elation on your senses. Just waves after wave of pleasure, your body will be in a state of euphoria. Your mind virtually goes blank and you won’t feel anything else but the erotic momentum that reverberates all throughout your horny body…

escort private girl sunsetSweat dribbled down my forehead. She stood before me with an intense sexual appeal. I’m not entirely new to the idea of taking an escort but this lady is just unparalleled. We are now on our fourth round and my erection is still throbbing like it was our first.

The fullness of her lips is enveloping my manhood with expertise. It felt as if I was penetrating the walls of her vagina. I am gifted with an above average length of 7.5 inches and a girth of 2. This is why it baffled me when she was able to push more than half of it to the depths of her throat. I was never the sadistic type, but I was too aroused to live by my logical conscience. I wanted to push my full length in her lascivious mouth.

With the firm grasp of my hand on the back of her neck, I continued to push my cock in her throat. She was the master of her gag reflex. She seems to have understood what I wanted, to which she had obliged.

She pulled me out, rubbed my veining member with both of her delicate hands whilst she filled her lungs with air. I knew then that she was preparing to meet my erotic request. Finally, she sucked in more than half of me and continued to take in more. I waited for her to look into my eyes to signal that she needed my assistance. 3 inches… 5 inches… 6 inches…

Her mouth was too wet and too tight, much like her pussy yet I was nowhere near my release. I was throbbing and wanting. When I looked down, her eyes locked with mine and with that, I pushed her close to me until her mouth finally encompassed the entirety of my manhood-reaching down the depths of her esophagus. I groaned. It felt so good.

I let myself enjoy the enclosure for a good five seconds and I let her go. I then started to pump her mouth, burying all of my cock inside her every single time. A few more thrusts and I felt myself explode towards euphoria. Her mouth was filled with my milk and I pulled it out bathing her in it. She then smiled that lascivious smile which signaled the end of our lustful and gratifying night.

All this and more can be felt a great deal when you spend your night with an expert courtesan of Brisbane Escorts. Surely, you will be able to experience the epitome of your lascivious longings.

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