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The Highlights, And the Pros & Cons, Of the Lustful Leg Position: Brisbane Escorts

Perhaps everyone knows what the “Kama Sutra” is, and what it means. Well, the ancient Indian text is actually considered as the standard on human sexual behavior. This centuries-old piece of literature has over a thousand verses and is divided into 36 chapters, and talks about the different sexual positons, as well as about the philosophies of pleasure, spirituality and relationships. Here’s a look at one of the Kama Sutra’s most unique sexual positions, the Lustful Leg.

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The Position Requires Both Partners To Stand Facing Each Other

If you’re bored with the usual missionary mode, then maybe you could try the Lustful Leg position with your wife, romantic partner or favorite Brisbane Escorts.  The Lustful Leg is actually a standing-type sexual position, which requires extra stamina, toughness, pliability and resilience.


It also requires that both partners stand facing each other, with the woman lifting one of her legs, and the man squatting down and placing the woman’s ankle over his shoulders. The man should also stand up slowly, so that the lady’s leg will comfortably be extended up onto his shoulder, so he can enter her properly. The woman can then wrap or lock her shoulders around his neck for extra balance and cohesion.


The Guy Can Hold The Woman’s Hips or Butt While Entering

With the Lustful leg position, a lot of elasticity, balance and cohesion is needed, so that both partners can successfully pull off (and enjoy) the position. To provide extra support, the guy could hold on to the woman’s hips or butt while he thrusts or enters her.


The lady can also try leaning against a wall, or a high table or counter, so that she won’t get off-balanced and fall off. The sex position is thus perfect for partners who have a great deal of flexibility.


The Pros And Cons Of The Lustful Leg

Like any other sex position, the Lustful Leg also has its share of strengths and weaknesses. For the strengths, the Lustful leg allows for deep (and intense) penetrations. According to sex experts, the best part of it is that the man’s shaft is able to rub and tickle against the front wall of the woman’s vagina, and thus effectively stimulate her all-important G-spot.


The Lustful Leg position however, will often times, require extensive flexibility, especially on the part of the woman. So if the woman feels that she lacks a bit of flexibility and stamina, then perhaps she should try doing a couple of stretching exercises every day, so that she’ll be ready once this position is initiated.

The position may also not suit well for men who have small penises, and it will also require a little stretching and muscle conditioning exercises on their part. Couples are also warned that they shouldn’t do the Lustful Leg on slippery floors, or else they could suddenly lose balance,   and injure themselves in the process.

To make the Lustful Leg pose extra fun and interesting, the guy could choose to wear a vibrating penis ring to further tease and stimulate his wife (or Brisbane Escorts’) clitoris while they are in the heat of passion.

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