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Brisbane Escorts – Bring Sexual Chemistry into Your Relationship

The phrase ‘sexual chemistry’ may sound like it came from the pages of a romance novel, hardly something that would actually exist. However, as the lovely babes featured in the pages of Brisbane Escorts, it’s very real. They know how to spark that feeling of chemistry between them and their clients, so there’s no reason […]

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Brisbane Escorts – Top Kinky Picks to Light Your Sexual Flame

When sex slowly starts becoming routine, bringing a little kink now and then can do wonders to rekindle the spark. Even the gorgeous babes at Brisbane Escorts have their favourites, and wouldn’t mind their clients breaking out the kink once in awhile. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ideas. 1. […]

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Brisbane Escorts – Go Ahead and Talk to Her

Have you ever seen a bloke approach a gorgeous woman and just start talking to her like it was nothing, while you agonise over having to struggle with an opening line? You’re not the only one. Now, whatever the cause for your fear of talking to women, you have to get over it eventually, and […]

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Brisbane Escorts – Let Trained Courtesans Show You the Way

People often find themselves worrying about their performance when it comes to sex, but they seem to forget that to be able to really enjoy the experience, they need to relax. The sexy courtesans featured in the pages of Brisbane Escorts know how to remedy that. Soft fingers brushed lightly, nimbly against my chin, starting […]

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Brisbane Escorts – Tips to Give Your Woman the Best Orgasms Ever

Some men believe that you should make a woman cum every single time, while others just don’t care. This is most especially if you’re into one-night stands and short term relations ships – making a woman orgasm is simply irrelevant. However, female orgasm is a valuable relationship management tool. Whether you plan on dating multiple […]

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Brisbane Escorts – Last Longer and Have More Fun

No guy wants to be the one who comes too soon when in bed; after all, who’d want to be proud of cumming less than a minute after you finally thrust in? The sexy vixens featured in the pages of Brisbane Escorts know this, and they have a few tips to help guys last longer […]

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Brisbane Escorts – The Most Bizarre Sex Scandals That Rocked The Sporting World

Who doesn’t love watching tennis, football, basketball and other exciting sports activities? While your favourite sports star may perform so well on-court or on the pitch, they too are human, and are likely to fall prey to the temptations of the flesh too. Here’s a peek at a few of the sleaziest sex scandals that […]

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Fellatio And Its Accompanying Health And Wellness Perks

While some women disdain it, the truth is that nearly 100% of men truly enjoy girls giving them oral sex or fellatio. Countless women though, derive pleasure from feeling their partner’s hard, throbbing erection in their mouths. With the guy seated (the woman kneeling) or on his back (she above him), his mate will have […]

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Brisbane Escorts – 3 Erotic Positions for Maximum Sexual Satisfaction

You’ve heard or read about it before – women often end up faking orgasm just to please their partners. While the ladies featured in the pages of Brisbane Escorts are great at playing the part of a lovely girlfriend, they really get into it where doing the deed is concerned. So how do you know […]

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Brisbane Escorts – Top 5 Tips for Mind-Blowing Oral Sex

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom with a partner, or any of the luscious vixens from Brisbane Escorts, it could be time to brush up on your oral sex technique. If your aim is to pleasure her more, going south with your mouth is a good place to start. This little […]

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