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Brisbane Escorts Stories: The Blowjob

“Stop, please.” “Why, don’t you like it?” I looked up from sucking him. His bulbous head on my line of sight, moist with my saliva, is dripping in pre-cum. I’m a Brisbane escorts, and this guy wanted a blowjob. He’s the type of customer that wants quick release. Once he cums, it will be over. […]

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Different Thoughts on Washing Your Hands Before Sex

Hygiene is important, no questions asked. However, different people have different takes on what it means when it comes to hygiene, let alone how serious they are about it. Did you know, though, that hygiene plays a part when it comes to sex? It’s not just a question of showering before your date, some Brisbane […]

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Brisbane Escorts – Tips to Give Your Woman the Best Orgasms Ever

Some men believe that you should make a woman cum every single time, while others just don’t care. This is most especially if you’re into one-night stands and short term relations ships – making a woman orgasm is simply irrelevant. However, female orgasm is a valuable relationship management tool. Whether you plan on dating multiple […]

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Brisbane Escorts – Last Longer and Have More Fun

No guy wants to be the one who comes too soon when in bed; after all, who’d want to be proud of cumming less than a minute after you finally thrust in? The sexy vixens featured in the pages of Brisbane Escorts know this, and they have a few tips to help guys last longer […]

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Fellatio And Its Accompanying Health And Wellness Perks

While some women disdain it, the truth is that nearly 100% of men truly enjoy girls giving them oral sex or fellatio. Countless women though, derive pleasure from feeling their partner’s hard, throbbing erection in their mouths. With the guy seated (the woman kneeling) or on his back (she above him), his mate will have […]

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Brisbane Escorts – Kegel Exercises And How Beneficial They Are To Your Sex Life

If your sex life is lying in the rut, and you feel quiet desperate already, don’t worry because Dr. Arnold Kegel already has the solution to your problems. Somewhere in the 1900s, a physician named Dr. Arnold Kegel developed an exercise method for women who had problems with urinary incontinence, which surprisingly also helped women’s […]

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Brisbane Escorts – 3 Erotic Positions for Maximum Sexual Satisfaction

You’ve heard or read about it before – women often end up faking orgasm just to please their partners. While the ladies featured in the pages of Brisbane Escorts are great at playing the part of a lovely girlfriend, they really get into it where doing the deed is concerned. So how do you know […]

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3 Unwanted Sex Problems and How To Deal With Them

Ever heard of the phenomenal Viagra? Perhaps, you’ve already known it as a “magic pill” that can turn any weak dick into an instant BONER! Let’s say you’re not into this pill by now. But sooner, as you grow older, when erectile dysfunction haunts you, you’ll see… you’ll be tempted to try this. Erectile dysfunction […]

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The Highlights, And the Pros & Cons, Of the Lustful Leg Position: Brisbane Escorts

Perhaps everyone knows what the “Kama Sutra” is, and what it means. Well, the ancient Indian text is actually considered as the standard on human sexual behavior. This centuries-old piece of literature has over a thousand verses and is divided into 36 chapters, and talks about the different sexual positons, as well as about the […]

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Brisbane Escorts – Indulge In A Steamy Outdoor Sex

You’re on the last day of your stay in Brisbane. You’ve felt the warming heartbeat radiating from the Brisbane River curving its way through the city. This was what created the vibrant spaces and exciting adventures throughout the entire city. Yes, you’ve enjoyed it all and the magnificent sightseeing attractions, yet, it seems you never […]

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Brisbane Escorts – Top 5 Tips for Mind-Blowing Oral Sex

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom with a partner, or any of the luscious vixens from Brisbane Escorts, it could be time to brush up on your oral sex technique. If your aim is to pleasure her more, going south with your mouth is a good place to start. This little […]

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3 Foreplay Tips That Lead to a Satisfying Orgasm

It is said that foreplay is the one act that can give you a very gratifying sex life. Let’s face it, not every man or woman has the skills to create an erotic contact before actual intercourse. Men are just so lucky to have one of those lovely kittens from Brisbane Escorts who have the […]

Private Girls Australia Nominated for Best Adult Website the Second Time Around!

The Australian adult entertainment is inviting everyone to participate and vote for your favorite adult entertainers! The Australian Adult Industry Awards have released their official list of nominees for best adult website, best female escort, best escort agency and many more! If you are a huge patron of the red light district, then you can […]

Brisbane Escorts – Queensland’s Naughty Little Secret

Men are more sexually showing than women but that doesn’t mean females experience these urges. Similar to many men, they like it fierce, fast and robust. It will most likely not be noticeable but men are seeking to be drawn to play time by women into sex. To others, this is an imagination that always […]

Brisbane Escorts – Giving light to the Red Light District

Brisbane is one of the biggest cities in Queensland. Adult entertainment in Brisbane is also as huge as its city. There are many touring and local Brisbane escorts in the region that you would love to see. Despite being an accepted business, not only in the state but in the entire country, escorts are still […]

Elle now Hot and Horny for Brisbane’s Bachelors!

Escorting is not just about sex, it is about giving the right service and companionship to your partner. It is about letting your clients feel loved and reciprocate their passion and affections, even for a short period of time. We know you would love for a decent companion in Brisbane for your business trips or […]

Carla Amour: A Fresh Face and a Hot Body for You

Are you looking for the hottest and freshest face in the escorting industry? If you are, then you will not be disappointed with Carla Amour – a touring Australian escort and one of the newest members of our gallery. Carla is set to tour around Australia starting with Sydney, Perth and arriving in Brisbane from […]

Nikki Rhodes: The Newest Brisbane Escort in Town brings you the newest and best escorts, not only in Brisbane but in whole Australia. We take pride in only giving you top class and genuine escorts in the business. Meet Nikki Rhodes – the newest touring private escort from Sydney. If you are in Brisbane, you will have the pleasure of meeting Nikki […]

How to Write a Good Review for Brisbane Escorts

The gorgeous Brisbane escorts and the tricks on their sleeves always leaves their clients perplexed and intrigued. They build that spontaneous moment in which you would just collapse in nothing but erotic pleasure. Not only they are professional in their work but are also pleased with it on a personal level. Brisbane escorts make sure […]

Japanese Eroticism and its Influence in the Western World

Every part of the world has its own description of paid dating and what it meant for society. For western countries, paid dating is widely known and is mostly accepted by the public. This concept is thought to be an influence from its Asian cousins and is heavily affecting many people in their perceptions of […]

Brisbane Escorts: 10 Facts about Kissing

Brisbane escorts are experts in kissing. If you are the type of person that loves the very act itself, then you would surely fall in love with these gorgeous courtesans. Kissing is a way of getting intimate with your partner. It is a way of connecting and communicating passion for each other. For couples that […]

Brisbane Escorts: More than What Society Dictates

Men are innate sexual beings. You cannot deny the fact that they always look for something sexual in all the things that they see. That is why most fidelities in relationships are committed by men because they are looking for something more from their significant others. But we are not here to tackle cheating in […]

The Internet – Helping you find the Woman to Fulfill your Guilty Pleasures

Brisbane is a city of beautiful sights and sounds. It is a place for kings and queens. Not only are the sights stunning in Brisbane, but also the women as well. If you’re on a quest to find them, you have come to the right place. Thank you for visiting; it is a place […]