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S&M Fantasies – My First Night of Intense Sex

Sexual fantasies are a common request for elite Brisbane escorts. Role playing, light S&M or even several fetishes are the many fantasies that many clients have requested. Here are my confessions and first time experience with an S&M client.

I have always been interested in an S&M relationship. So far, this is my first time seeing a client that had requested for a softcore BDSM appointment. Being the adventurous me, I am always excited explore new ways in sex and the concept of pleasure and pain sewn into one. Prior to the meeting, I made some research and even joined forums about an S&M relationship however; this will be my first time to experience it firsthand.

My client and I arranged for an outcall service to his five star hotel. I saw him waiting for me in the lobby with his sheek business attire and he was rather young, 30 years or older. He wasn’t the type I imagined to meet, a rather good-looking chap would never have a hard time finding a hot girl to have sex with. It got me perplexed and excited with the things we are about to do later on. I got so stimulated that I can feel that I’m already wet and ready.

We went inside his hotel room, settled for the payment and had a little chat. He was confident, easy to talk to and was an amazing companion, but I never got over the fact that he is super hot, that made me even wet. We chatted over a fine glass of red wine. He suddenly looked into my eye and kissed me, slowly and sensually. I could feel his tongue dance inside my mouth, “Oh! This is heaven!”

He undressed me, taking of my bra with his mouth. He was staring at me as he kissed my cleavage all the way to my erect nipples. I haven’t had this much fun in many months! He then took off his suit and tied his tie on my hands behind my back. He whispered softly “You are mine now”.

I thought I was going to be the dominatrix in this scene but no, I never resisted. “Yes, sir”, I replied. He gave me a sweet smile and continued to undress me. He too, took off his pants and saw the great bulge of excitement in it. How I wished I could suck his shaft dry; I have never been this excited before.

He then led me to the bedroom where everything was well-prepared. He lay me face down and sucked my already-wet pussy; fingering me while spanking my butt cheeks until I felt a red hot sensation. I then saw him take out a huge ribbed dildo from his night stand, “Oh my God!” the first few penetrations was slow but he suddenly picked the pace up until I can no longer handle it.

He knew that I was spasming from that intense orgasm but that didn’t stop there, I wanted to take him whole; take in the hardness that is growing inside his knickers. He untied me and I gave him a sweet smile. I tied him down the headboard using the same tie and a handkerchief, I then undressed the rest of him, revealing his throbbing cock. I then kissed him from the mouth all the way to his chest, licking his well-sculpted body all the way to his hard shaft.

I sucked, licked and went up and down. I slowed down and sped up and slowed down again, wrapping my tongue around his hot penis. He then begged me to let him in my beautiful pussy, which I was fingering in front of him. Soon after I untied him, he was touching my waist, preparing for the impact. And his hard cock was just how imagined it to feel like – pleasure, satisfaction and intense orgasms.

He rode me like there was no tomorrow. I just lay there, enjoying the satisfaction from his hard cock. We shifted through many positions, including ones that were quite experimental. He pinned me to the floor, to the wall and on the bed. I was his dirty little whore, his filthy slut, a submissive girl to a hot and spicy S&M partner.

It’s adventures like this had always kept me excited about my clients. You will never know who you’re going to be with for the next hour.

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