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In Honour Of Women’s Breasts

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Call it want you want, ‘Breast Appreciation Day’, ‘National Cleavage Day’ or ‘Go Topless Day’, but obviously, it’s a day of celebrating all things breasts. And you don’t celebrate it just like that…celebrate it to the fullest! How might you do that? Well, experts suggest you can do it in the privacy of your own home. FYI, the gorgeous Brisbane Escorts never fail to do that!

Go topless the entire day, whatever you’re doing at home – cooking, eating, watching TV, doing laundry, washing the dishes, everything… do it while giving some freedom to your boobs.

Just make sure to establish basic rules with your lover such as ‘touching prohibited’, ‘sex later on’, or ‘for your eyes only’, and so on. And then later on at the end of the day, to make things even hotter, bring out your favourite remote-controlled sex toy. That’s how women should give appreciation to their most-prized possession- their breasts.

Bundles of Joy, Source of Life And Pain

Boobs bring so much joy to the female specie. Men go crazy over women’s cleavage. Little hungry mouths eagerly suck nourishment from those twin bundles of joy (including the male spouses).

On the contrary, cleavages are the reasons why shirts cannot be buttoned precisely. Breasts are pained days prior to the monthly period and during jogging or a similar exercise. They are also something that need to be covered in the beach even if their owners want very much to go bare for that most sought-after tan. These and many more complaints to the marvellous breasts, but in spite of those, the pair stands up mighty proud of their nature and accomplishments!

They are also the reason why majority of women around the world go out and protest against their governments to give them freedom to bare in public just like men. And what do they call that? Gender equality!

If the law allows men to go topless, why can’t it allow women? So, during protest marches, women pushing for equal rights cover their nipples because it is illegal to show boobs in public, while on the other hand, men wear bra to show their support! That exactly shows how breasts are given of high importance in our society.

Love Your Breast Friends

Experts are reminding us to give our tits care and attention they deserve. And by that it means, a hard, closer look, literally. Stand in front of the mirror, topless. Observe each breast if there is something unusual – with the areola, shape, colouration, or if there’s growth or lump; whatever you feel and see.

If you know how to do self-exam, do it lying down and standing up. It’s simply touching them and feeling any bumps or lumps. It isn’t something difficult to do. Rather, it’s just taking matters (or the breasts) into your own hands!

If there’s pain, know where it’s coming from. If there’s secretion or any abnormality, go consult your doctor immediately. You should love your breasts and take good care of them because they are your best friends.

Dissemination for breast cancer awareness is increasingly getting attention, thanks to mainstream media and social media. This helps save women’s lives.

Breasts are an important landmark of a woman and are crucial to livelihood, especially to the ladies at Brisbane Escorts! They deserve a celebration. Cheers!

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