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How Social Media Impacts Break-ups

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If you’ve been hooked to social media especially Facebook, chances are, you’ve come across the relationship status ‘it’s complicated’ on some users’ profiles. Could be true for some but maybe not for others – you wouldn’t know who’s telling the truth, right? But then, with one of those hot Brisbane Escorts, there will never be such thing as a ‘complicated’ relationship.

Nevertheless in reality, there are those who really type that status once they experience a break-up and find it hard moving on, or when their current relationship is on the rocks. Perhaps, they just wanted to have an outlet for their battered emotions, in the hope that friends, or the friends of their friends may understand them and therefore, gain their sympathy.

Online Abuse Experienced by Couples Who Have Now Parted Ways

Why a need to study the effects of social media on break-ups? Simple, because going separate ways is inevitable. Real people experience it one time or another in their lives. In this digital age, the broken-hearted and the desperate are apt to pour out their feelings on the Internet. And here is where the abuse comes in.

According to the British Psychology Society, former partners are likely to become abusive online, making break-ups more lamentable in this digital era. You may probably have seen how social media users make harsh comments for instance, regarding a separation that has been ill-judged. Worse, there have been many passive aggressive comments posted by an ex or bad remarks posted when he might be drunk.

Sadly, the rules of Facebook have been violated many times. It’s not really appropriate to break up with a partner through any type of digital social media, like Facebook, Skype or whatever. And further, it isn’t proper to deal with an ex in an insulting way because humans have feelings and as such, get hurt. In more ways than one, families do get affected, too.

The new study dealing with how the Internet impacts break-ups disclosed that over one-third of persons have endured digital abuse from an erstwhile mate in the past half decade. One glaring example is a post from your ex-girlfriend showing her holding hands with another guy and trekking on a hill in Italy. How would you feel about that?

And there are more, for example, threats posted by ex-es, tracking or stalking, rude or false posts seen online that are causing disturbance to jilted partners. Clearly, those are abusive behaviours. The survey ultimately revealed that more guys experience same abuse than girls and for that, the said study “provides strong support for the necessity of further investigation into this issue”.

We can’t blame people for venting their emotions on the Internet since this is the technological age. Contrarily, dudes have the Web to thank for, in making the sexy Brisbane Escorts within easy reach.

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