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Fellatio And Its Accompanying Health And Wellness Perks

brisbane private escort girl workout bodyWhile some women disdain it, the truth is that nearly 100% of men truly enjoy girls giving them oral sex or fellatio. Countless women though, derive pleasure from feeling their partner’s hard, throbbing erection in their mouths. With the guy seated (the woman kneeling) or on his back (she above him), his mate will have better control of the act. She can be as playful, too. Let’s take a brief, but fun and balanced look, at the health and wellness perks of fellatio, for both men and women.

Good Stress-Busters

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According to some studies, ladies who are exposed to semen are less likely to feel depressed. It’s because sperm contains lots of healthy chemicals like oxytocin, oestrogen and cortisol, which work as natural antidepressants. So, the next time you feel the blues, why don’t you elevate your mood by getting a blow-job?

Helps Control Blood Pressure

Another reason why girls should give head more is because sperm helps control blood pressure in a woman’s body. It helps women prevent pre-eclampsia, a blood pressure problem during pregnancy. For women who’d like to burn excess fat, giving oral sex also massages the jaw, and burns from 30 to 50 calories per session.

Helps Induce Sleep

If you’re used to popping a sleeping pill so that you can go to sleep, it would perhaps be better if you give or get fellatio. Most men often sleep soundly after a healthy round of sex, while their ladies lie awake for a couple of minutes more. So, for girls who can’t doze off yet after sex, they could perhaps give their guys a nice blow-job, because semen contains melatonin – considered the best sleep-inducing agent ever.

Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer In Men

While the first three benefits above are targeted for women, the biggest benefit of oral sex for men (apart from the erotic satisfaction they get) is that it makes them ejaculate. The more they ejaculate, the lesser will their chances be of developing prostate cancer.

Whether you call it sucking off, giving head, blow-job or simply BJ, remember that fellatio not only makes you feel so good in bed. Rather, it makes both you and your partner healthy, too. Just make sure you eat lots of sweet fruit and vegetables, so that your sperm tastes sweeter, and your wife of sexy Brisbane Escorts will love getting their fill of your load!

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