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Different Thoughts on Washing Your Hands Before Sex

dark shadow escort girl in brisbaneHygiene is important, no questions asked. However, different people have different takes on what it means when it comes to hygiene, let alone how serious they are about it. Did you know, though, that hygiene plays a part when it comes to sex? It’s not just a question of showering before your date, some Brisbane escorts clarified.

More to the point – If your hands are going anywhere on their bodies, those nails had better be trimmed, and those digits washed. Think about it: would you let a lady handle your manhood if you know she was petting her dog not even 10 minutes earlier? Most likely, your answer is ‘no’. Since your fingers are likely going to be in her pussy, fingering her, it’s no wonder this is important.

But just like hygiene in general has three camps – those who do what’s necessary, those very particular about hygiene, and those who are ambivalent – so are men divided on hand-washing. Here are a few reasons why they keep their digits clean, or why they don’t, before sex and fingering.

  1. I don’t know how clean her hands are, and she’ll be touching me, too. Blokes who think this way are the type to wash their hands before a meal. However, if they forget once, they don’t fret about it. In the same way, they’re not going to worry constantly about clean fingers while making out with a girl.


It must be said that they have a point – being introduced to someone else’s germs can help boost your immune system. If your day consists of you tapping away at a keyboard, you should be okay; she’ll likely have been in a similar environment.

If, however, you work as a sanitation worker, or you work with meat in any way, you’ll want to consider washing your hands whenever you leave work.


  1. There are germs everywhere and we need to do what we can to keep them at bay. Consciously or unconsciously, men with this mindset make it a point to wash their hands almost as soon as they enter a building. That’s especially true if said building is an apartment or a home.


It’s true that ladies who’ve had the displeasure of suffering a yeast infection will love a sexual partner who is mindful about cleanliness. However, if said partner interrupts a steamy make-out session to wash his hands or brush his teeth, that can become a turn-off for her.


  1. I’m not sure how often I wash my hands – but I’m generally a clean person. Those in this group know that hygiene is important. Hand-washing is more frequent compared to males in the first group, but they’re not as gung-ho about it as those in the second.


Did any of those reasons behind hand-washing (or lack of it) sound like yours? Don’t worry, none of your lady friends, let alone the Brisbane escorts you may have engaged over the years, are judging you.


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