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Car Sex – An Unforgettable Ride, in More Ways than One

Sex in a car, pick-up truck, or any vehicle is a handy compromise between keeping sex private and bringing it out of the bedroom – although you still don’t want to be caught while out in public. Several people, including a few Brisbane escorts, say that one of the biggest factors is the kind of vehicle you have on hand (under foot?). Otherwise, a few rules stay the same.

Portrait of a young coupleWhat rules? Well, avoiding the hard objects like the dashboard, steering wheel, and gear stick, for one; making sure you choose a secluded enough spot, for another. Then there’s finding a position that’s comfortable enough to let you finish. It’s a good thing there are some basic moves you can pull that will help you achieve that last one.


  1. Front-seat fantasy. This is best done in the passenger seat, because it has more room. All the same, you’ll want to push the seat back as far as it will go, then have your lady climb on top of you. She can either face you, or face the windshield and hold on to the dashboard for support.


  1. Taking things in hand. With your girl seated next to you, she can easily free your dick from its denim confines and give you a hand job while you drive. If you feel you’re about to lose control, though, pull over so you don’t cause any accidents.


  1. Blow the man down. You’re not going from cars to ships here, but this is another option for your girl to take if she wants to pleasure you while you’re at the wheel. You’ll have to drive really carefully, because she’s not going to forget that lump from the steering wheel soon. As with getting a hand job, pull over when you’re close to finishing.


  1. On the hood. Giving her oral while she’s seated on the still-warm – not hot! – hood of the car can up her arousal, and it’s easier for you to reach her lady bits while kneeling. You can also take her from behind, or she leans back on the hood and you enter her from in front. Just make sure to keep your clothes on, or it’ll be painfully clear what you two are up to.


  1. Back-seat boogie. Move the front seats forward to give you as much room as possible, then take your pick – missionary or cowgirl. If you’re not too big on lying down completely on the back seat, you can be sitting up slightly, your back resting against the door.


Whether you get on top or she does, the limited space means you may end up going slow, therefore drawing things out and leading to an explosive finish.

Again, just be sure you know the rules when it comes to indecent public exposure, whether you’re with Brisbane escorts or a long-term partner; a hefty fine isn’t worth a back-seat roll in the hay.


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