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Brisbane Escorts – Your College Relationship, and What it Says of Your Current Dating or Flirting Style

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Unlike the shallow, and kind of boring, dating pool of high school, college certainly offers a lot of options to choose from, especially when it comes to dating and flirting. In college, you can choose to stick it out with your high school sweetheart, discover an on-campus soul mate, or easily find friends with benefits! And according to relationship experts, your college relationship actually mirrors, or says a lot, about your current dating or flirting style.

Friends with Benefits
If you love dating the hot and alluring Brisbane Escorts, perhaps this is because you loved collecting lot of friends with benefits during your college years! Well, if your college life was replete with fluid arrangements that were 99% sexual and certainly not monogamous, and with no formal dinners and goodnight texts required, then I guess you felt great with hooking up and enjoying each other’s naked company!

According to relationship experts, casual relationships can have benefits that go beyond physical euphoria, influencing a positive approach to building future relationships while learning to differentiate between settling and just having fun.

Exclusive Non-Exclusive
For most guys and girls, college life was like living in an Adventure Land of sorts, because there were no parents around, and no rules or guidelines to follow! Thus, the freedom and adrenaline rush often led to ambiguous relationships with confusing titles such as “we’re talking”, “We’re hanging out”, “We’re texting” or “we’re exclusively hooking up”!

Remaining With Your High School Sweetheart
With even 30,000 or more new people to meet in campus, and yet you still chose to remain faithful to your high school sweetheart, this probably indicates that even when you were still in college, you already had this sense of maturity that goes along with commitment.

And when this works out, cheers to you (or to them!) on their happily ever after, and for never having to endure a shitty Tinder date! But then again, who cares if you were a wimp or whacko in college, because you can still have lots of erotic fun even up to today, with the lovely Brisbane Escorts!

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