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Brisbane Escorts – Vasectomies, and How They Enhance Sexual Pleasure

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Have you ever thought of undergoing a medical procedure called a – vasectomy? Well, after reading this I guess you’ll have a quick change of mind, and would be suiting up for the procedure within the week, because new research indicates that a snip or a tie can result in healthier erectile function, better orgasms and heightened sexual desire! Here’s a look at how vasectomies can help enhance sexual pleasure.

What is a Vasectomy?
Before we go straight to discussing how having a vasectomy can make you, and your favourite Brisbane Escorts, happy and satisfied in bed, let’s fist discuss what a vasectomy is. Well, according to physicians, a vasectomy is a simple surgery done by a doctor in an office, hospital or clinic.

The small tubes in a guy’s scrotum that carry sperm are cut of blocked off, so the sperm can’t leave the body and cause pregnancy. The procedure is very quick, and the patient can go home on the same day. There are two types of vasectomies – the incision method and the no-scalpel (or no-cut) method. No-cut vasectomies lower the risk of infection, and they take less time to heal too. By the way, vasectomies are meant to be permanent, so they usually can’t be reversed!

New Study Says That Vasectomies Resulted in Higher Sexual Satisfaction in Men
A study conducted by researchers in Germany interviewed 249 couples, of which all the men recently had vasectomies. The study team found that vasectomies resulted in a higher sexual satisfaction in men, and these guys also experienced better orgasms, stronger erections and more sexual desire.

I guess one of the reasons why the men had a fuller sex life was that they’d no longer have to worry about causing any unwanted pregnancies! But then again, vasectomies are permanent; thus this should be something to be mindful of before you book an appointment!

But then again, who needs a vasectomy, when you’re happy and content with how you’re currently performing in bed with your hookup partners, or with your favourite Brisbane Escorts!

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