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Brisbane Escorts – Two Ways to Discover Your Lady’s Favourite Sex Positions

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Do you know what the favourite sex positions of your regular bedroom partners are? Or do you want to find out exactly what sex positions drive your partner wild? If you’re looking for innovative ways on how to discover new erotic favourites with your lady, here are a couple of truly fun and cool tips that are worth considering.

Bring it Up Outside of the Bedroom
If you’d like to know what sex position your girlfriend, or lovely Brisbane Escorts, craves the most in bed, perhaps you should first bring it up outside of the bedroom! Being asked “what do you want?” or “what position should we do next?” in the moment can actually make a lot of women feel anxious or put on the spot!

Unless your woman is completely open during sex, it’s generally easier to ask about sex positions before you’ve taken off your clothes. You can also try checking with your lady after the two of you have finished having sex, and during the post-coital cuddle time you could ask her “which position felt best for you just then?”

Ask Her for Feedback
The next best step would be to ask your lady for feedback. If you have with your woman together for a while, you could actually ask her stuff like “what positions do you think we do really well together?”

However, if you are new to each other, you could perhaps ask her “what are your favourite positions?” or “Is there anything you want to try out?” Continue this little game until you have narrowed all the options and answers down to only a few of her favourites.

But, if you really want to get playful with it, you could even try making a sex position championship bracket, if only to make the quest of finding out your girlfriend, or lovely Brisbane Escorts’ most sought-after sex positions more fun and exciting!

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