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Brisbane Escorts – Top Tips for Steamy Car Sex

brisbane escort girls in the forestWhen you have your own vehicle – a sedan, SUV, anything at all – you actually have another choice when it comes to having sex outside the bedroom. Several of the lovely babes at Brisbane Escorts aren’t averse to doing it in the car – it’s the best of both worlds being both private and public.

Of course, your experience will change depending on the kind of vehicle you have, and there may be more of a challenge. There are a few rules to follow, such as making sure you don’t hit any of the really hard surfaces. If you’re not sure how to pull off sex in the car, here are some tips you can use.

1. Create more room in the back seat by pushing the front seats forward as far as they can go, then find a way for you and your gorgeous partner to fit. There may be a few angles that seem strange, especially if the seat is narrow. You can be sure, though, that the closeness will really boost intimacy.

Try having her raise her legs so her knees and shoulders are close to one another, or have her brace the soles of her feet against the roof. You’ll love the view, she’ll love the sensations.

2. Recreate the feeling of a bed by pushing the backrest of your seat back down. You can then have her lie down while you straddle her, or have her sit in your lap. Whether she faces you or faces the dashboard, she’ll be taking control of this sexy cruise. Give her a hand by playing with her erogenous zones and turn up the heat.

3. Have your girl sit on the warm hood of the car, and then go down on her. You can disguise what you’re doing by looking for a spot with an awesome view, then parking nearby. She’ll be facing the scenery, so it will look like she’s admiring it when, in fact, you’re giving her a good tongue-lashing.

Alternately, let her brace herself against the hood while you go at it doggy style. The warmth from the metal hood as well as additional pressure on her pubic mound means you both get more pleasure from this ride.

If you don’t have a committed partner to try these moves out with, just browse the gallery at Brisbane Escorts to find the best courtesan for you – today!

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