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Brisbane Escorts – Top Spots to Tease Her with Your Tongue

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Any time a date leads up to sex, it can be confusing since you won’t know how to get your partner warmed up enough for her to really enjoy. If you’re with one of the gorgeous vixens featured in the pages of Brisbane Escorts, it may not be as awkward. They know how to help you feel more relaxed so you can actually enjoy the session, too.

Of course, you’d still want to do your part to turn the heat up. To do that, just remember the sweet spots to use your tongue on when exploring her body and finding out what gets her going.

1. Neck. Lick a small area here, then give the same spot a gentle nibble. You can try sucking lightly as well to turn her on even more. Explore the sides and the back of her neck (in other words, the nape) using this method and you’re well on your way to warming her up.

2. Back. You need to know that a lady’s back is a pretty sensitive area; in fact, it could be more sensitive than her front. Get started by having her lie on her belly so you can slowly trail your tongue down her spine. Pay attention to her body language so you’ll know if she wants you to go all the way to her butt for some rimming, or work your way back up so you can tease her some more.

3. Lips. Kissing is a sure-fire way to give her hints about what’s in store. Lick her lips gently to probe them open, and use your tongue to explore the inside of her mouth. Just make sure you don’t flick your tongue in and out constantly like a lizard, unless you plan on creeping her out.

Remember that how well you kiss is said to tie in to how good a lover you are, so showing her you know your way in the sack will get her even more excited for the main course.

You’re familiar with the other sweet spots to give her some loving with your tongue – her boobs, nipples, and her lower lips. But don’t forget to pay attention to the ones above, too. If you want to try these moves but don’t have a long-term partner, browse the gallery at Brisbane Escorts. You’re sure to find the best pleasure professional for you.

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