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You likely know by now where to touch a woman to send chills down her spine and make her writhe with pleasure. Did you know, though, that the teasing feels even better when you use your mouth instead of your hands and fingers? Here’s a short overview of the best places to kiss a lady to slowly open up the floodgates down there – even the buxom vixens at Brisbane Escorts will love it.

1. Lips. There’s a reason why smooching, or whatever you want to call it, is used by many women as a gauge of how skilled the bloke is as a lover. Knowing how to French kiss well can mean the difference between getting just a kiss, and moving to the next part of your bedroom fun. Remember to shave, or condition your facial hair so it doesn’t feel like sandpaper rubbing against her face – that’s a turn-off.

2. Neck. The nape and sides of the neck are typically the most sensitive areas, so just take your pick. Use as little suction as possible when teasing her here with your mouth. Instead, try letting the skin of your inner lips slide over her skin, or get your tongue in on the action. Just make sure you don’t drool, because this will feel uncomfortable for her.

3. Ears. Sadly, this hot spot is usually overlooked; in fact, it’s a great spot to kiss during sex. Gently suck on her earlobe, then run your tongue up and down behind her ear. Don’t breathe directly into her ear, though; that’s not the best sensation for her.

4. Breasts. This is actually a no-brainer, considering how many blokes zero in on the boobs once the top and bra come off. Remember, though, not to be too enthusiastic nor use too much pressure before she’s properly aroused, or it won’t feel as pleasurable for her. You can kiss anywhere on the breast, but the nipples are the most sensitive.

Need to hone your bedroom skills, or just need company for some time? Go ahead and browse the gallery at Brisbane Escorts to find the best pleasure professional for you.

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