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Brisbane Escorts – Top 5 Tips for Mind-Blowing Oral Sex

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom with a partner, or any of the luscious vixens from Brisbane Escorts, it could be time to brush up on your oral sex technique. If your aim is to pleasure her more, going south with your mouth is a good place to start.

brisbane escort white beach sexyThis little sex act can help your lady get her love engine warmed up, so both of you can enjoy the ride later. So here are some tips to use when going down on her.

  1. Tease her. While it’s tempting to dive in, directly, a little teasing helps to build up anticipation – and arousal. Caress her inner thighs, working your way up to her inner lips but stopping just short of them. Use small, slow licks, then gradually build up the rhythm and make your strokes longer.


  1. Spread those lips. There’s something deliciously erotic about using your fingers to spread her. The feeling of being exposed will also turn her on even more. You’ll want to gently lick at her clit. Your warm breath and tongue and the cool air will get her squirming in no time.


  1. Play around. There’s more to using your fingers than just spreading her lower lips. Use your tongue on her outside, and a finger or two inside, to give her multiple sensations. Stroke her thighs or her butt. If she’s willing, you can wet a finger with her juices before inserting it in her ass.


  1. Go slow. When the time comes to penetrate her with your tongue, make it as stiff as you can and slowly enter her, going in as deep as you can without discomfort. Find a rhythm and motion that she loves. Once you have it, build the intensity or switch it up.


  1. Keep her guessing. You can actually switch between your mouth and your dick. Give her a good tongue-lashing, then kiss your way back up her body while thrusting into her. Then pull out and go back south for more of her. Just vary how much time you spend on each.


Can’t wait to try these moves out, and get a little lip-lock on your member in return? Check the pages at Brisbane Escorts to find your own sex goddess, and get ready for an orgasmic time!


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