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Brisbane Escorts – Top 4 Clear Signs She’s Not Interested

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When it comes to relationships, things haven’t changed a lot over the past several decades. Though women now can be aggressive if they want to, it’s still up to the men to do the chasing. When you’re with one of the gorgeous babes at Brisbane Escorts, you don’t have to worry about scaring her off. But what about the rest of the time, when you’re actively pursuing a girl?

Since women tend to play hard to get, it can be difficult to tell when you should keep going and when you should actually back off. Here are some signs to look out for, so you can tell when enough is enough.

1. She almost never has free time. When a woman tells you she can’t, say, have brunch with you because she has prior commitments, that’s okay. But if she’s never free to meet up with you, this is a pretty big sign that you should stop pursuing her. If she was genuinely interested, she’d make time to spend with you, even if it’s just for some coffee at your favourite café.

2. She replies to your text messages with closed answers. If a lady were interested in you, she’d find a way to prolong the conversation and do some probing of her own. On the other hand, if she replies in such a way that it’s hard to keep on chatting, it’s practically guaranteed that she wants you to stop chasing her.

3. She spends more time looking at her phone when you’re together. This is the age of the smartphone, where people use their phones for everything from messaging to watching movies. Still, when you’re on a date with someone, courtesy dictates you put the phone away for an hour or so. If hers is always in her hand and she glances at the screen more often than she glances at you, it’s time to back off.

4. The dates she accepts are the ones with freebies. She turns down your invitation to a picnic lunch, but says ‘yes’ without hesitation to, say, a concert. Essentially, if she turns down the more casual, less expensive dates, but accepts the pricey ones, she’s freeloading and isn’t interested.

Remember these tips when pursuing a girl and you’ll know when to stop – which she’ll appreciate. In the meantime, browse the gallery at Brisbane Escorts; you’ll find the best partner for you.

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