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Brisbane Escorts – Top 3 Signs that Mean You Need to Improve Your Oral Sex Technique

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As far as oral sex is concerned, some people are more comfortable giving than receiving, while others love being on the receiving end. Still others don’t care either way – they just enjoy it. Whether it’s a staple of your routine or not, do you know how you can tell if your partner’s enjoying how you go down on her? Fortunately, the sexy babes at Brisbane Escorts have shared a few tips to help you figure this out.


  1. She keeps squirming. Normally, this would be a good sign because it means she likes what’s happening in that moment. At the same time, it’s a bad thing because she’s trying to show you that you’re not hitting the right spot. You can keep this from happening too often and boost her pleasure by trying to put your mouth or tongue where she wants it, or even asking outright where she wants you to lick.


  1. She stays quiet. You’re not doing much to get her excited if she isn’t breathing hard and not making much noise. If she’s quiet but breathing harder than normal, or is making little groaning sounds, that’s what usually means she likes what you’re doing. A lack of a reaction, though, is a sign that you need to try again. Just make sure, too, that she isn’t in pain, which means no biting or nibbling unless she asks you to.


  1. She says “no thanks”. If you’ve been together for a while and she pulls this card, it could mean the last time you went down on her wasn’t anything to write home about, or she isn’t ready for oral sex just yet. Keep in mind that you don’t want to go too fast when you head below the belt. Rather, you need to give her the time to enjoy what she’s feeling, and enough time to stop you if it isn’t doing the job for her.


However, if she’s visibly writing in pleasure and she sounds like she’s enjoying that tongue lashing, then congratulations on a job well done – your technique is good enough. Don’t worry if she doesn’t cum, though; it just means you haven’t found what makes her climax just from oral sex. Just keep experimenting to find what works for her, and don’t give up.


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