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Brisbane Escorts – Tips to Making that First Kiss a Memorable One

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First-time experiences bring so many emotions with them. There’s apprehension, worry, anticipation, and joy, to name a few. For instance, going on your first date is one such experience that inspires a mix of feelings, whether you’re with one of the lovely courtesans at Brisbane Escorts or a gorgeous lady you’ve been getting to know for the past month or so.

The same can be said of a first kiss, whether with on your first-ever date, or simply with a new partner. You have no way of telling how it’s going to go, after all. How tentative or how deep the kiss depends on how close you and your date are; it could feel like you’re testing the waters, or it could be a full-on make-out one.

But regardless of your relationship, here are a few things to remember to make sure she remembers that kiss, for the right reasons.

  1. Start out with soft pressure. This is always a good way to initiate a kiss, because you can see how far your partner is willing to take it. Use how much pressure she’s using as a gauge for how intensely to reciprocate, so that neither of you feels overwhelmed by the other, nor do you seem too eager to get things going.

If she seems okay with making things more intense, the same rule applies. Gently touch your tongue to hers, and then pull back, to see if she follows up with some tongue action of her own.

  1. Don’t let her do all the work. If your partner leans in closer, that’s your cue. She’s telling you that she expects more than a chaste kiss on the cheek, even if the lip-lock isn’t as passionate as you thought it would be. If you stay still, she might think she’s the only one who feels there’s something between the two of you, and it could confuse or irritate her.
  1. Close your eyes. There are some blokes who don’t close their lids when the time comes for a kiss, which takes some of the fun out of the experience. Instead of keeping your eyes open to make sure your girl doesn’t suddenly disappear, let your other senses do the job.

Want to hone your technique but don’t have a long-term partner, or just need company? Browse the pages at Brisbane Escorts to find the perfect vixen for you.

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