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Brisbane Escorts – Tips to Give Your Woman the Best Orgasms Ever

brisbane private escort girl under the shadeSome men believe that you should make a woman cum every single time, while others just don’t care. This is most especially if you’re into one-night stands and short term relations ships – making a woman orgasm is simply irrelevant.

However, female orgasm is a valuable relationship management tool. Whether you plan on dating multiple women or not, you must constantly make a woman’s orgasm hard. You have to have the will to satisfy your woman sexually, as they tend to be more loyal to you. So, make an effort to make her cum every damn time you fuck her.

Are ready to bang her like a porn star? Here’s how:

Fuck Loud

By the time you get started with the deed, make sure it gets loud. Try to scream loud or at least let a sound out of your mouth while fucking her. Your sex will surely be something that’s not easily forgotten. You’ll be remembered of how loud your trip was by that time.

Choke Her

Try to act as if your choking your sexual lover – this is a pure dominance move – and many love it. But, of course, avoid crushing her windpipe. Find the two main arteries in her throat, so as to reduce the blood flow into her brain. The idea is to enhance her sexual pleasure, not hurt her.

Slap Her

Some women love getting hit, while some don’t. However, remember to communicate with your partner to see if she’s into it. And if she does, don’t be afraid to slap her around a bit. Try to slap her ass as well as her face – the latter seems to be a better orgasm trigger. A well-timed slap can make a woman shaking on the edge right over the brink.

Don’t Forget the Words

Who says you can’t talk to a woman when having sex? You can always bring a woman right on the spot of orgasm to climax just by using the right words. Talk nasty, sexy things to her; whisper on her ears, and tell her how amazing her pussy is. The more descriptive you are the better. The best part is when she’s about to orgasm.

Sex takes two to tango, thus make sure that your woman is satisfied before leaving the bed. If you want to know more about being a fuck-pro, call or email the lovely Brisbane Escorts.

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