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Brisbane Escorts – Three Ways to Spice Up Married Sex

private girls brisbane blue panty and blue beachMarried sex, in and of itself, has one thing going for it, and that’s the level of intimacy you and your partner have. For all their warmth, the gorgeous babes at Brisbane Escorts won’t always be able to match this connection in the bedroom – although they can come quite close. However, there isn’t any bloke who wishes he could spice things up with his wife now and then.

The good news is, it doesn’t take too much to get things to sizzle when you have sex, even if you’ve been married for, say, 10 years or more. Here are some ways you can avoid becoming bored with the same bod each time you want to do the deed.

1. Watch porn together. There’s no rule against married couples watching porn, though it may take some time for one to convince the other to do so. This doesn’t just turn you both on, but it would also give you an idea about how your partner likes it – particularly when it’s her turn to pick the film to watch.

2. Have sex at work. Use your lunch hour and get it on, and you won’t see each other in the same light as before. It can seem like an insurmountable challenge – how will you finish in an hour or less? – but with some planning, it can be done. You’re sure to get an adrenaline rush from the possibility of getting caught, but this will make the experience more thrilling and arousing.

3. Play around with props. If you haven’t already tried doing so, using handcuffs, a blindfold, or some soft rope the next time you get frisky in the bedroom. A new addition will it seem like you’re having sex together for the first time, in a way. You don’t even have to spend money on these props, simply making use of what you have on hand. You can use edible ‘props’, too, like whipped cream or fruit.

Of course, if you’ve been with your partner for some time but you haven’t actually tied the knot, these tips can still help you out. If you don’t have a long-term partner, don’t worry. Just browse the gallery at Brisbane Escorts to find the best courtesan to keep you company and satisfy your sexual needs.

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