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Brisbane Escorts – Three More Reasons Why Sex Makes You a Happier and Healthier Individual

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Whenever we have sex, the first thing we quickly notice is that we experience a mix of emotional and physical effects, both during and after the act (from getting a natural high to losing strength in our knees, etc). And not only does sex feel so incredible, but it’s also amazing for your health and wellness! Here’s a look at a couple more reasons why sex makes you a happier and healthier individual.

Sex Leads to Greater Pelvic and Menstrual Health

Here’s one good reason why you and your girlfriend, or even your preferred Brisbane Escorts, should see each other more often, and go to bed more often too, and it’s because sex can lead to greater pelvic health for both sexes, and improved menstrual health for the ladies!


A noted sex expert stresses that sex strengthens muscle tone in the genital and pelvic area, which can lead to better sex and stronger orgasms over time. The pain-relieving component of sex even extends to pre-menstrual symptoms such as cramps too!


Sex Increases Intimacy Between Partners

All that touching, kissing, caressing and P-in-V activity can also bring both partners closer to each other, especially in a physical and hormonal way. In committed and long-term partnerships, regular sex also releases loads of hormones like oxytocin, which is the bonding hormone, which makes the individual feel more connected to his or her partner.


Sex Can Be Good Medicine Too

Frequent sex can also aid the individual in terms of his physical and mental health, in multiple ways. According to a Boston University study, ejaculation lowers the risks of prostate cancer, which definitely makes sex a healthy and fun option for the men!


Orgasms also produces loads of oxytocin, which acts as a natural pain reliever, and can help treat or reduce the effects of muscle aches and headaches. And, oxytocin doesn’t just bond you to your girlfriend, or even to your favourite Brisbane Escorts, but it can calm and soothe your body and soul too!

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