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Brisbane Escorts – Things You Need To Prepare Before Having Sex in the Sand

Brisbane Escorts

Brisbane Escorts

Sex in the dunes? Why not? You know, it’s so exciting to see a couple in the movies doing their dirty business in the sand. What makes it especially hotter are scenes like a man and a woman locked in each other’s embrace including their mouths, as they roll in the sand while the waves wash over them… uhmm so tempting!

When you’re planning to hit the beach whether it’s summer or not, there are things you need to plan out because beach sex doesn’t just happen on impulse once you’re there. Make sure the Brisbane Escorts you’re currently dating are part of the steamy plan, okay?

Here are the things you ought to be equipped with, if you want to pull off that much-awaited sex in the sand.

  • Two towels
  • A big beach umbrella
  • A folding chair
  • Board or loose shorts for you
  • Flowing sundress for her

Natural covers – First of all, inspect the area looking out especially for some natural cover like a cluster of bushy plants nearby or a line of palm trees where you could hide and get hot when there are other beachgoers who might be thinking also of what you’re thinking.

Towels – Towel 1 is of course, for the sand on which you can lie down on because you don’t want your genitals to be covered with sand, right? It can be the worst scene ever, therefore, a barrier is a must.

Towel 2 is for you to cover yourselves up from the prying eyes of passers-by or of the swarm of seagulls hunting for dinner. Besides, this can also be used to dry yourselves up once you’re back on dry land following your post-coital dip.

Beach Umbrella and foldable chair – The umbrella is precisely, for some privacy when you do your carnal manoeuvres, since there will certainly be people a couple yards down the coast. The chair’s most important purpose is for convenience, should you decide to do sit-up sex, okay?

The outfits – Loose-fitting garments like a swimming trunk or large board shorts for you and a flowing sundress for her are the best outfits to go. Why? Because you can easily get out of and get back into them once there could be intruders out to disrupt your ‘mission impossible’. Fitting garments will likely make you get caught in the act and that would be the most embarrassing thing to happen in the beach.

Remember that sands can get anywhere you don’t want them to go, once you’re down doing the dirty. Definitely, sand can irritate your privates (READ: VAGINAL INFECTION for her) therefore, protection is a must.

Sex After Dark

For a hassle-free, undisturbed screwing, might as well wait for dark before getting laid. Naturally, there will be lesser crowd as nightfall approaches, so by then, you can do whatever you like. Just make sure you won’t accidentally step on somebody else’s torso when looking for your spot on the sands.

Besides, sex in public is something illegal in most cities and municipalities, so, night time is really the appropriate time to do your thing.

Sex Positions In The Sand

Don’t worry about positions that you can easily pull off in the beach. Leave it to the talented Brisbane Escorts. They know best!

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