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Love can be confusing yet exhilarating; by and large, men and women experience the same feelings of love. However, the stages of love are different – and that’s what some blokes may find confusing. For example, how can you be attracted to so many different girls – including the gorgeous vixens at Brisbane Escorts – but wind up falling in love with only a small percentage of them?

Suffice it to say that men fall in love differently compared to women. If you’ve ever wanted to understand how you end up dating one girl but stay good friends with another, here’s a quick look at some key stages in the guy’s ‘process’, so to speak, of falling in love.

1. Appreciation. You don’t usually notice a woman if she doesn’t somehow catch your eye, as shallow as that sounds. Women may start falling for a guy when they first start talking, but for men, physical appearance is the most important thing, if only in the beginning. You’ll have your own preferences, of course – you may have noticed her face, or her legs, or her hair, to name a few.

2. Infatuation. This is the stage you’d start to weed out the ladies you’re not intensely attracted to, keeping only those you’re interested in pursuing – which can happen in various ways. If she doesn’t notice you or doesn’t accept your advances, you just shrug it off and move on to another girl you’re interested in.

3. Impression. Funnily enough, you’re not yet in love at this point – you’re not yet ready, because you first want to make the girl like you, so you do your best to make a good impression on her and show that you have potential. Obviously, you want something good to come out of all this.

4. Reaffirmation. You’ve convinced the girl you like to fall in love with you, and now you like where this dating game looks to be heading. The thing is, you haven’t asked yourself if you really do want to go out with her. You might even find yourself weighing the pros and cons of being in a committed relationship with her.

If you answer ‘yes’, then you’re ready to fall in love with her.
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