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If you asked any guy or girl out there in the street to give you at least one example of a birth control method, perhaps most of them would tell you stuff like condoms or birth control pills. However, are you aware that there’s such a thing as the “Pullout method”? Here’s a look at the real score behind this interesting birth control technique.

The Pullout Method is One of the most Popular Methods
Among the various forms of birth control, perhaps the one that ranks the lowest when it comes to safety, but the highest when it comes to popularity, is the pullout method. I guess most of your hookup buddies know about this method, or even your favourite Brisbane Escorts, although I don’t know if they’d vouch for its safety and efficiency!

The pullout method is also called the “withdrawal” method, and “coitus interruptus”, and according to the folks at Planned Parenthood, the method is defined as “pulling the penis out of the vagina before ejaculation”.

The Pullout Method May be Simple, But it Requires a Lot of Trust and Honesty
Pulling out obviously requires no condom to be used by the man, and no contraception to be used by the ladies. However, there are still a couple of major considerations to be taken. For example, both partners need to have a lot of trust in the capability of the male partner, and hope he knows well enough to know when he needs to pull out!

In addition, pulling out also requires that each of you be totally honest about your sexual health and history, because not using a condom means that both partners increase their risk of contracting a sexually-transmitted infection (STI) from the other – and that’s not something to be taken lightly!

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, the pullout method is best for people who are highly motivated and able to use the method effectively, and it’s best for those who have religious or philosophical reasons for not using other methods of contraception.

It’s also best for couples who have intercourse frequently. So, I guess the method should work well for you and your favourite Brisbane Escorts!

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