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Brisbane Escorts – The Most Bizarre Sex Scandals That Rocked The Sporting World

brisbane escorts hot babe with maskWho doesn’t love watching tennis, football, basketball and other exciting sports activities? While your favourite sports star may perform so well on-court or on the pitch, they too are human, and are likely to fall prey to the temptations of the flesh too. Here’s a peek at a few of the sleaziest sex scandals that rocked the sporting world in recent years.

Max Mosley And His Nazi-Themed Bondage Party

If you’re an avid Formula One fan, perhaps you’d get so pissed off at the off-track activities of its former leader, Max Mosley. Mosley previously headed the FIA, the governing body of Formula One racing, until the release of a leaked videotape, which showed him engaging in a Nazi-themed orgy with five prostitutes got him axed. Had he called the lovely Brisbane Escorts, perhaps he’d have a discreet, and more sensual affair!

While Mosley’s father was rumoured to have been a close friend of Adolf Hitler, he always tried to disassociate himself from his dad’s questionable past. However,  the discovery of the bondage video created a bitter public outcry, which eventually forced Mosley to step down from his post in 2009.

Tiger Woods And His Secret Trysts

Everyone thought golf superstar Tiger Woods was a gentle, happily-married guy. But that was before he ended up crashing into a fire hydrant after leaving his home in November 27, 2009. As it turns out, Woods figured in a bitter argument with his wife, who reportedly discovered his affair with different women in the US, and overseas.

Over a dozen women came out claiming they had sexual affairs with Woods. The revelations of sexual impropriety forced Woods to take a leave of absence from professional golf, and his wife divorced him too in August, 2010. Although he has gone back to playing golf again, the sex scandal has taken a heavy toll on his professional career, as he has lost every tournament he’s joined.

A-Rod’s Sleazy Off-Pitch Sojourns

Most Major League Baseball fans know how proficient Alex Rodriguez is on the pitch. What many didn’t know was that he was very “busy” with girls off the field too! Since  joining the Yankees in 2004, Rodriguez has been reportedly involved in lots of affairs, many of which involved strippers. (and even pop star Madonna!)

He was even rumoured to have frequented a call-girl agency that was the favourite of Eliot Spitzer, the former New York governor who also got axed for his free-wheeling ways.

Marv Albert’s Illicit Sexual Behaviour

Most NBA fans know who Marv Albert is, because he was the league’s voice, specially on TNT, from 1990 to 2002. However, he was dropped by the network after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanour,assault and battery charges. He was even accused of wearing women’s underwear, and biting several women! Albert was convicted, and got a 12-month suspended sentence.

When high-profile sports figures literally get caught with their pants down, it can be quite painful to see their careers spiral downwards.  How you wished they’d been a little bit discreet, and called the services of the sexy and lovely women at Brisbane Escorts instead!


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