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Brisbane Escorts – The Men’s Guide to Looking Sexy in Bed

private escort girl in brisbane imageAs it turns out, it’s not just women who want to look good in bed, despite knowing what’s shown in porn isn’t the best reflection of reality. Though the lovely babes at Brisbane Escorts assure their clients that they look fine, these blokes are just as concerned with how they look. In fact, you may be worrying about that as well.

Remember that it’s easier to look sexy in bed than it is to look good to a larger group of people – after all, you just have to look good for yourself and your partner. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to look effortlessly sexy in bed.

  1. Buy new underwear. Whether you go for boxers or briefs, there’s something to be said about a pair that’s new, especially if it fits you just right no matter what your body type. Also, if you’ve been with a lady for a while, she’ll likely have seen all your old ones. That means a new one will pique her interest and may just stoke her fire a little bit higher.


  1. Clean up. For some reason, ladies love a man who looks freshly showered, Maybe it’s because they know he’s bound to be clean elsewhere, should a date go that far. Also, there’s something to be said about cuddling up to a bloke and feeling clean, smooth skin. It’s better than, say, stroking his arm and finding it feels slightly greasy.


  1. Be confident. Project that confidence, and it won’t matter to her if you’ve got a bit of a paunch or your arms aren’t bulging with muscle. After all, not all women are into guys who look like Greek gods.


Also, if you show you’re confident about your looks – even if you have to fake it – it just makes you look confident about your bedroom skills. That’s something many women will find hard to walk away from.


  1. Get good lighting. You don’t have to turn out the lights if you invest in mood lighting like a dimmer switch. Low light is flattering for any body type, and dim light actually increases sexual arousal.

You can even practice looking good in bed with the help of the gorgeous vixens at Brisbane Escorts. Just remember the above tips, and you’re well on your way to looking more appealing in bed.

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