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Brisbane Escorts – The Experts Give Their Take on the Difference Between Fetish and Kink

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In casual conversations about sex, people often toss around words like “kink” and “fetish” interchangeably, if only to refer to any sexual desire or activity that falls outside of the mainstream erotic appetites. But while the two terms may overlap in certain areas, sex experts stress that there are some key differences between them. Read on to find out what differentiates kink from fetish.

What’s a Fetish?

Have you and your girlfriend, or your favourite Brisbane Escorts, openly talked about sexual fetishes? If you haven’t yet, perhaps it’s now time to start sharing your ideas about it, if only to enrich both of your erotic experiences!


According to one sex expert, a fetish refers to a sexual fixation on a specific object or act that is absolutely necessary to a person’s sexual gratification. Often times, it may be something that may not inherently be sexual, like shoes, leather or sploshing.


And when fixation is limited on a particular body part, like the feet, hands, butt or breasts, this is referred to as “partialism”. With partialism, one part of the whole body is isolated and sexually charged on objectified.


What’s Kink?

On the other hand, kink refers to a broader term which encompasses a bunch of alternative sexual interests, preferences or fantasies which go beyond your usual missionary sex. This may include role-playing, impact play (spanking and whipping) or BDSM, and others.


Sexual fetishes are often heavily tied to having a psychological need for those specific objects  or acts in order to experience pleasure and orgasm.  Kinks on the other hand can add to a sexual experience but are not necessarily needed to achieve sexual release.


Thus, all fetishes are kinks but not all kinks are fetishes. Got that right, sir? Well, that’s okay, because regardless of the term or definition, nothing simply beats enjoying a round or two (or more) or pure erotic fun with ladies as hot and sex as the Brisbane Escorts!

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