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Brisbane Escorts – The Erotically Modified 69

The sex position 69 is not the most conventional sex position in the world. As enticing the act may seem it requires certain skill sets and coordination for you to be able to enjoy it to its full extent. Such a position is like a wild card. If you’re unable to master it, then it’s okay. However, if you’re able to get the works, every affair would be incomplete without it.

escorts in brisbane with pink long socks69 gives a certain type of erotic rush to both parties. Even the sultry ladies of Brisbane Escorts can greatly support the notion of inter oral stimulation as a means to achieve an earth shaking orgasms! Now, combine it with girl-on-top positions that are known to leave the two of you screaming for more, these modified positions will leave you panting till your next round!

Ecstasy on the side

While lying on your sides, stimulate your partner’s pussy with her thigh tossed over your shoulder. This will give you full access on her vagina so go all out in delivering exemplary waves of bliss to her clit and her opening. Utilize dual stimulation on your end by inserting two fingers inside her while your tongue slightly flicks her swelling knob. As you immerse in the apex of her thighs, she will be busying herself with the rigidness of your shaft.

This position will allow you to last long because no pressure is applied unless both of you do it. Lying on the side will rid you of supporting your partner’s weight which allows you to relax and enjoy it more.

Man Power

Usually girls assume the top position during 69 but if you and you’re partner are willing to conquer a new stage; it’s time you take the high end. A twist like this is enough to turn your carnal side to overdrive. You will be on full control of the entire thing – so let your dominating side take the stage.

Multitasking will be the core of this trick. You can push your cock all the way to where her throat can accommodate while sending tingly waves of sensation in her pussy. With this, you can freely thrust your hardness into her and put her gag reflex to the test. Just remember to be careful, you wouldn’t want to be exceeding your points of pleasure.

The Spider

As you put yourselves in the podium for a more intense erotic action, take this challenge as the ultimate deal breaker. Suggested by a seductive siren of Brisbane Escorts, sit yourself on the couch with legs stretched out and slightly parted. Your knees are bent and your feet are resting on a hard surface, like a coffee table.

Now, your girl will be slowly lowering herself down to your pulsating cock with her elbow supporting her weight. Her legs will be straddling your face so make use of the moment to go for the dive of your erotic life!

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