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Brisbane Escorts – The Case For and Against First-Date Sex

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When you’re looking forward to a date with a beautiful woman, there’s no helping when you imagine taking things a little further than a hug and a kiss. The gorgeous babes at Brisbane Escorts won’t mind getting in bed with you if your appointment goes in that direction, but your other partners might not feel the same way.

If you’ve always been confused about whether to have first-date sex with someone or not, don’t worry; you’re not alone. There’s no right or wrong answer, and each side has its own reasons.

Reasons to Not Have Sex

1. She’ll think you’re just after sex. Even if this is only partly true, she might turn you down the next time you ask her out, therefore ruining your chances at a future together. Of course, if you’re with a pleasure professional, this won’t matter too much – but you won’t always be with one, so play it safe.

2. You don’t know her well enough. Since you don’t know her body yet, you’ll be doing a lot of exploring. Aside from fumbling on the bed and couch, you could be way more embarrassed being alone together, rather than if you were out in public and simply holding hands.

3. You might confuse love and lust. You can lust after someone you love, of course, but what if you’re just physically attracted to a gorgeous girl? You might think you’re starting to fall for her, when it’s just your body’s reaction to the idea of incredible sex.

Reasons to Give in to the Urge

1. Sexual chemistry is important. If you’ve been dating for months and you know you enjoy each other’s company, you may be disappointed to find the spark fizzles out once you find yourself in the bedroom. Save yourself future heartbreak by seeing if you’re compatible in the bedroom as early as possible.

2. Your date shouldn’t be influenced by your decision. If she’s really into you, when you have sex shouldn’t matter, let alone change how she sees you.

3. You do you. Societal norms when it comes to dating and sex are changing, so whether you have sex on the first date or not, society shouldn’t judge. The sexy vixens featured in the pages at Brisbane Escorts believe this, too, and they’re open to helping you with your bedroom skills if they need to.

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