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Brisbane Escorts – The Best Full-Body-Contact Sex Positions for 2018

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What’s one of the best sexual experiences ever? Well, if you ask some of the experts out there, they say its “full-body contact” sex! Yes, when we say full-body contact sex, it means it’s one of those sexy moments where you’re sharing so much skin space that you can’t tell where one person ends and another begins! Here’s a few of the best full-body contact sex positions for 2018.

The Reverse Slither
Here’s one full-body contact sex position that you could perhaps try out with the hot and sexy Brisbane Escorts, and it’s called The Reverse Slither! Now here’s how you do it – The guy lies flat in his back, while she lies flat on top of him on her back, so that her back side is against his front. Her head lies next to his as she slides him inside!

Now, why is this move so red-hot? Well, this rear entry position is both intimate and exciting, as both lover’s hands are free to wander where they please, and his lips are perched perfectly next to her ear for some sweet, or dirty, thoughts!

The Stacked Snake
To do The Stacked Snake, the woman lies on her stomach with her hand beneath her pelvic bone for extra friction. The man lies on top and enters her from behind, allowing his body to rest against her entire length.

Now, what makes this so good is that it’s one of the best positions for women to orgasm, as they can use the extra weight (of her own body and his) to grind against her hand, or a vibrating sex toy, into her pelvic bone, to stroke the shaft of her clitoris. By squeezing her legs together, she can take both lovers pleasure into the next level!

The Layer Cake
To do the Layer Cake, lie on top of one another either facing one another or away from one another. Just be sure to insert the penis first before lying down. If the woman is on top, she can grab the edge if the bed or the headboard to propel herself forward and back of him.

The beauty of The Layer Cake is that he or she can be on top controlling the motion, and it also allows for complete body-to-body contact. It doesn’t disturb the covers too much as well, and thus keeps you and the lovely Brisbane Escorts both nice and cosy!

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