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Brisbane Escorts – The Beginner’s Guide to Getting ”Energetic” Orgasms

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Do you know of anyone who’s suffering from prostate cancer or stress, or is using antidepressants and any other drug that compromises their ability to get it up? (Or are you the one suffering from any of these?) It’s because researchers and adherents of the ancient Eastern practice of Tantra say that you can experience the high of an orgasm, without even an erection! Here’s a beginner’s guide to getting “energetic” orgasms.

This Isn’t Your Typical Orgasm
Would you, and even your preferred Brisbane Escorts, like to experience a different kind of orgasm, at least once or in a couple of occasions? Then perhaps you should both learn how to achieve “energetic” Orgasms!

According to Tantra experts, this isn’t your typical orgasms, as you’re not going to ruin any bath towels here, because these are created by using breath work and mindfulness to create an explosion of pleasure all over your body. And the good thing is that anyone can have energetic orgasms, even if you don’t have any existing medical condition!

Step One: Chill
The first step towards achieving energetic orgasms would be to – chill! By yourself or your partner, set the mood. You could do this by placing a nice pillow under your head, spread your legs apart slightly, put on some classical music, or whatever music chills you out.

Step Two: Practice Bliss Breathing
Whether you’re forcefully masturbating or attempting to get an energetic orgasm with your partner, you got to get out of your head and into your body. All you need to do is just breathe in deeply while tightening the back of your throat, and then exhale, letting it all go, while letting out a big raspy noise.

Step 3 and 4: Lube Up and Get a Better Handjob
Next, your partner should lube up, with coconut oil as the best product to use, because oil-based lubes aren’t latex-friendly. And after teasing your tantra-ready dick with your own hands or your partner’s, your hookup mate or favourite Brisbane Escorts could give you a nice handjob, where the shaft strokes start from the root of the shaft all the way up to the head (And her grip also varies from light to hard!).

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