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Brisbane Escorts: Some Myth and Misconceptions about Escorts

Brisbane escorts are your dream girls around this equally beautiful city. You are assured to have a great time when you are around these courtesans. This profession has been around ever since the early civilizations in China, India and parts of Europe and Greece. Many myths and misconceptions have developed ever since these times and it is about time that we debunk some of these myths.

  • Escorting is a way of earning lots of money. As what you can see from the hourly rates of escorts, you can judge that these ladies are indeed earning a lot. Some even have rates reaching $1000 or more. But this is not a get-rich-quick scheme; you have to work hard for it. Most escorts even work more than 40 hours a week to attain such a stature in the industry.
  • Escorts are emotionally unstable. This misconception is utterly incorrect. Many escorts are 100 percent well and accept their jobs as a part of their own. The only difference they have from regular women is that they are more in touch with their sexuality. Though some of them might have emotional problems but these are problems just like the rest of us experience.
  • There are no differences between prostitution and escorting. Though there is a fine line between these two but prostitution is different from escorting. Courtesans are paid to spend their time with their clients without the promise of sexual favors while “street walkers” are paid for intercourse alone.
  • Escorts are obliged to follow their client’s requests. We have to remember that these ladies are human beings too; they have the capacity to turn down any client on a whim. In addition, they also have boundaries that clients need to respect for their own safety and well being.
  • Escorts are dumb. On contrary to popular belief that escorts use their looks to gain money are wrong. Appearance is not the only factor that makes a lady a good escort. Most of the girls that you can see here have college degrees and are well traveled. They are capable of smart opinions and are great conversationalists.
  • Escorts need to be 100 percent beautiful. Though beauty and good looks can get you far in this kind of industry but what makes clients come back is their personality. There are clients out there that do not require an escort to be appealing but must be a great friend and a true lover.

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