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If you think that “kinks” or sexual fetishes are only for weirdoes or deviants, think again. In fact, no matter how deviant you think you are, there’s always somebody more depraved than you, and there’s always going to be some type of kink that’s applicable for you! Sexual psychologists suggest that as long as you’re having, good consensual or solitary fun, you should not worry about how kinky you are. Here are a couple of sexy kinks that are more common than you expected.

While sexual psychologists today say that sexual fetishes are as common and as prevalent as ever, what’s sad is that too many of us are shy about copping to our fantasies and desires in the bedroom. I guess one way for loosening up your shyness would be to engage in some role-play voyeurism with your hookup buddy, or with the lovely Brisbane Escorts!

In a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, around 10n percent of men have had at least one instance of actual voyeurism in their pasts. This means to say that this percentage actually pulled off a Peeping Tom in one way or another during their adult lives (and not just at Summer Camp by peeping through a hole in the girl’s showers!).

Around 64 percent of men also reported having a persistent fantasy of watching someone undress without their knowing. Women however, are far less interested in voyeurism, although 1/3 of them reported fantasies of having been watched or seen undressing or having sex.

Foot Fetishes
While obviously everyone likes a foot rub or massage now and again, some people literally love it when someone sucks or kisses their toes or feet! In a 2006 study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, it was confirmed that the feet and toes were the most likely body part to be lusted after as a part of a fetish!

And around 47% of 5,000 respondents with an actual fetish had a foot fetish. Only fetishes around breasts, butts, penises and vaginas ranked above feet! Now, which of these two fetishes would you like to talk about, or try out, with your girlfriend, or with the alluring Brisbane Escorts!

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