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Brisbane Escorts – Sex Positions That You Could Use if it’s Your Partner’s First Time

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Brisbane Escorts

According to one sex advice that was popularised by a US sex columnist named Dan Savage, ‘When you’re dating someone with less experience than you, leave them in a better condition than you found them”! So, if you’re looking for ways to “guide” someone through her first time, check out these truly nice positions ASAP.

The Missionary Slide

This sex position is essentially like the Missionary. But instead of you jumping on your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Brisbane Escorts, you start with what’s called the “outercourse”, where she lubes up the bottom of your shaft so that you can slide it along her vulva!

This one would perhaps look like the regular Pin-V move, although the P doesn’t actually go inside the V! But before complaining, remember that this one should feel so amazing for her, and it will also help guys like you last longer too, as you wait till she’s so turned on and can barely take it,  and then she allows you to finally slip inside her!

The Swan Dive

If it’s your lady partner’s first time, sit in bed, facing each other, with your legs out and your partner’s semi-sitting on your lap. Gear up with plenty of face-to-face intimate connection and close contact, and then start stroking your partner’s clitoris. You can do this simultaneously, but if it’s her first time it might be best to take turns.

The Two-Timer

In this move, your partner sits on your lap facing you for a slow ride, and a hot make out session. Even if your partner’s so excited, please remain calm, as they might be able to go another round. Both of you keep kissing, and she could also perhaps work her way down to see if a little oral play could revive you for round two, or even more!

The Strummer

If it’s your partner’s first time, but she wants to show you the time of your life, perhaps you could ask her to put her knees on either side and assume the straddle position. She uses her hand to rub her vulva and control your thrusts, while you get a sensual overload, and of course you also learn highly useful lessons on exactly how she likes to be touched!

But then again, if you’re dating the hot and sexy Brisbane Escorts, you could still use these unique sex positions even if it’s not your first time in bed, or your first time to meet each other!

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