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Brisbane Escorts – Secrets to Knowing If A Girl Likes You

private escort girl in brisbane pink underwearIt doesn’t matter how many girls you’ve gone out with – they can still be confusing and you can’t really tell what they’re thinking. Even the lovely courtesans featured in the pages of Brisbane Escorts won’t always tell you what’s on their mind, unless it will help your date go better.

Dealing with the ladies isn’t always cut and dried, but there are ways you can tell what she’s thinking, especially when you want to know if the lovely lady you’re eyeing likes you or not. After all, you don’t want to ask her out on a date or two only to learn she’s stringing you along because she doesn’t like you. So here’s how you can ask if she likes you, without really asking her.

1. Take note of eye contact. Remember the saying about eyes being the windows to the soul? When you’re talking with her, maintain eye contact. If she looks back at you, then it’s a good sign. However, if she looks away with a confused or irritated expression, don’t push your luck.

Slowly looking away, however, is just as good a sign as her returning the gaze, because it means she’s just shy about making eye contact with you.

2. Strike up conversation. When she seems busy or preoccupied, try and find a way to start talking to her, then pretend to notice just that that she’s busy and tell her you’ll talk later. If she goes right back to work, then she’s not interested. If she tells you she isn’t busy, however, and drops everything to give you her undivided attention, then she likely has feelings for you.

3. Play the ‘favourites’ game. When you’re alone together, like over a friendly lunch or when in a cab heading somewhere, start asking her about her favourites. If she’s keen to answer your questions and asks you what your favourites are, this is a pretty good sign. It means she wants to share something about her, and she wants to know more about you.

If you’re not sure you have the charm and the skills to ask her out, don’t worry. You can practice honing those skills with the help of any of the lovely courtesans from Brisbane Escorts. Browse the gallery today to find the perfect girl to keep you company when you need it.

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