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There’s no doubt that breasts are very alluring; they’re the first thing men think to tease and please when a girl’s top comes off, whether she’s one of the lovely vixens at Brisbane Escorts or not. However, there’s more to nipple and breast play than porn-style groping and vigorous sucking. That said, here are some tips to help you master the art of pleasuring her tits.

1. Start even before she takes her top off. While it’s not skin-on-skin contact yet, just the fact that you’re stroking the areas where the nipples would be builds anticipation. As you should know by now, anticipation is the name of the game and gives her a thrill that will help arouse her more.

2. Pay attention to where you touch, and how. It’s not enough to squeeze her boobs, since they’re essentially mounds of fat covered by skin. You’re better off stimulating the surface of her boobs – the skin, in other words – because that’s where the nerves are located. Be careful about how you touch her boobs, too; if you’re too rough when she isn’t properly aroused, you could end up hurting her.

3. Touch without actually touching her. There are many sex guides that suggest avoiding contact with certain areas to build anticipation. Lightly blowing on her breasts helps stimulate the tiny hairs on her skin; knowing you aren’t touching her there just yet will drive her wild and want your hands on her.

If you’re not sure how to blow properly, think of it like gently blowing out a candle. You can also slightly open your mouth over her nipple and simply exhaling.

4. Focus on the nipples. Rest your hands on her breasts, leaving your thumb and forefinger free to toy with her nipples. Lightly pinch the nipple and roll it between thumb and finger, then draw her nipple out by pulling on it. Make sure you just let the nipple slip from your fingers and don’t pinch too hard. This is best done while you’re behind her, so your weight isn’t on her chest.

5. Use everything at your disposal. You’re not limited to just your hands and fingers; your tongue, lips, teeth, and even toys can help multiply her pleasure.

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