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Brisbane Escorts – Secrets to an Arousing French Kiss

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French kissing is a pretty obvious step up from the quick kiss on the cheek or on the lips. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t see it as often in romantic movies. Many people, including the lovely babes at Brisbane Escorts, say it’s something that should be reserved for foreplay.

After all, if you do it right, your date will definitely want more, which is a good thing if you wanted the date to head into spicier waters. Done wrong, on the other hand, you could kill the mood. To avoid that, here are a few tips to proper tongue kissing.

  1. Think of timing. There aren’t many things more embarrassing than giving your date a kiss that’s the opposite of what she expected – a short and sweet kiss when she wanted something passionate, or a passionate kiss when she was expecting a chaste one.


Sweep your lips or tongue lightly over her lower lip and see how she reacts. If she opens her mouth a little wider, she’s looking for something more. If not, then stick with the short-and-sweet lip lock. As you can see, going slow helps avoid the potential embarrassment since you can tell what she’s looking for.


  1. Don’t forget the head tilt. If you don’t tilt your head to the side, you could end up accidentally head-butting each other, and that’s not exactly a picture of sexy. Make sure you take note of which direction your partner tilts her head, so you can follow suit. Tilting to her left means you should tilt your head to your left, and the same goes for if she tilts her head to the right.


  1. Don’t give her the whole tongue. Just like going slow at the start of the kiss helps you keep from embarrassing yourself, pushing your tongue into her mouth a little at a time keeps the kiss passionate, not creepy or gross. Be subtle; go ahead and tease her. If you pay attention to her body language, you’ll usually be able to tell just how much tongue to introduce.


Throughout the whole thing, remember to breathe. Being out of breath when you break the kiss is fine – but gasping is not.

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