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Brisbane Escorts – One Night Stand Tips And Facts For Regular Travellers

brisbane escort foreplayThere are couple of things that we just can’t live without in life, and these include food, shelter, work, sex and travel. And when most people travel, the thrill of being in a new place, meeting and interacting with new faces, tasting  new culinary treats, and seeing the sights, is bound to expand your horizons, besides bringing up urges that were seemingly non-existent back home. Travelling also provides guys and girls with better chances of getting more one night stands, especially for the singles. Here are a couple of one night stand tips and facts for travel bugs.

Travelling Is Prime Time For One Night Stands

Do you consider yourself a travel bug? Or do you crave going around the world, and exploring the sights? According to a survey done by on its 11,000 users, 52% of men and 41% of women have had one night stands while travelling.  But if you currently don’t have time to get out of town, well you could still have a wonderful time, with the lovely and sexy Brisbane Escorts!

According to “Kate”, a seasoned backpacker, “travel adventures are always exciting and adrenaline-rushing experiences, and the ensuing one night stands often have an extra special flavour. There’s always a cool feeling to be in a foreign land, with a strange new guy who doesn’t know you, but wants you! One night stands in certain places is never the same, and that’s why it’s so cool”.

The Sadness Of Goodbye Is Tempered By The Next Fling

For seasoned travellers and backpackers, the frequent hello’s and goodbye’s are often met with pragmatism, instead of loneliness.  “Matt”, who flies from the US to South America frequently on business trips, says that “you have to give in to the moment, and be ready to accept the sadness of goodbye with a strong drink, and the excitement of the next fling”.

The Best Expectations Are To Have No Expectations

But if you’re thinking that just because you’re going to be travelling, it’s going to be so easy to have a one night stand, well think again. As you go places, and explore the different outdoor options, as well as the undiscovered inns, hostels and other places to get laid, do not quickly presume that the outcome will be as exciting, or desirable, as the lead-up. Thus, it would be best to have no expectations at all, so that you won’t get frustrated in the end.

Do’s And Dont’s For Overseas One Night Stands 

While travelling brings forth a lot of interesting, and eye-opening experiences, it may not be pleasant all the way. And while one night stands are one of the most desired items for travellers, you still have to be extra mindful of local customs and traditions, so that you won’t find yourself in trouble in the country you’re visiting.

The first important tip is to take precautions. Wear condoms when having sex, and  don’t walk in streets or alleys that are notorious for crime.  You also need to be open to the idea of having sex outside of the bedroom, which means that sometimes it could happen in the bathroom, or in a back door alley, or al fresco.

So whether you’re fussy or not, but you’re bent on exploring your sexual boundaries overseas, the potential one night stands won’t be too hard to find, as long that it’s you who really wants it! But if you can’t leave home yet, you could still have fun in bed, with the lovely and sultry Brisbane Escorts!

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