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Every relationship has something called the “honeymoon phase”, where your new partner is everything to you, you have exciting dates, and sex – when it happens – is electrifying. Unfortunately, this phase passes, and soon the dates become routine, and it’s hard to get excited around each other. That particular spark going out is one of the reasons blokes turn the lovely vixens at Brisbane Escorts.

That doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a boring, routine relationship – in fact, with the right moves, you can bring the spark back into it. Here’s how you and your partner can rekindle that flame and experience the honeymoon phase, no matter how long you’ve been together.

1. Take ballroom dance classes. Yes, it may be embarrassing, and you won’t always find yourselves in a situation where you’d need this kind of dancing. However, ballroom dancing is one activity that can bring you closer, both physically and emotionally. That’s a result of you learning something new together.

2. Go camping. When you have nothing to keep you entertained but each other, you’ll find it hard not to keep talking. Plus, when you’re camping, you need to rely on each other to get things done, so those skills you learned from those years of scouting will come in handy. Don’t forget that this activity can get both you and your partner to expose a new vulnerability or two.

3. Surprise her now and then. Relive those early days in your relationship where you’d surprise your significant other with small gifts. A bouquet, for instance, or tickets to see her favourite band in concert – whatever they are, these gifts don’t always have to be expensive. Just make sure they’re something that points to her being on your mind when you bought it.

4. Do something you both dislike. It sounds counterintuitive, but by suffering through something you both hate, you can grow closer by complaining about it together.

Often, all it takes to reignite the flame of a relationship is for the two people involved to feel closer, and the activities above should be able to produce that result. If you don’t have a long-term partner yet, though, go ahead and browse the gallery at Brisbane Escorts to find the best companion for you. You’ll find ‘the one’ for you in due time.

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