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brisbane escort in whitePeople often find themselves worrying about their performance when it comes to sex, but they seem to forget that to be able to really enjoy the experience, they need to relax. The sexy courtesans featured in the pages of Brisbane Escorts know how to remedy that.

Soft fingers brushed lightly, nimbly against my chin, starting from the chest, down my back and my torso, then towards my groin, where my erection had already been removed from its confines. I pulled her towards me, cupping her ass a bit. She moaned in response, pressing herself to me even more.

It seemed a long time before we broke off the kiss, both of us panting, the heat of desire coming off us in waves. Then I was scooting back on the bed, and she had straddled my face, her lower lips quivering with her want, glistening with the beginning moistness. She took me in her mouth, one hand stroking up and down, pert nipples grazing my chest.

I started licking at her, myself, slowly, teasingly, using my fingers to spread her a little more, causing her to press back, as if wanting more. She cried out a little, though her voice was muffled by my cock, when I began to suck lightly on her clit, penetrating her with one finger at the same time.

It wasn’t long before I took her from behind, gripping her hips as I thrust into her, in and out in a steady rhythm, our heavy breathing the only other sound. Then I reached around to play with her clit a bit more, and she let out a scream. “Oh god-!”

She bent over so her upper body was on the bed, pressing back into my groin so I could inside her deeper; I accepted the invitation. We were panting harder now, the wet friction almost too much for either of us and, suddenly, she tightened around me and we both came, a molten explosion that left me somewhat dizzy.

We lay down after, cuddling close while we got our breath back, and she ran a hand down my torso, lazily. I pressed my lips to her forehead, utterly grateful she’d helped me get over my shyness in the bedroom.

Whether it’s about improving your performance, fulfilling your sexual fantasies, or getting over your anxiety in the bedroom, the lovely vixens at Brisbane Escorts can help.

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