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private brisbane escort makeup girlNo guy wants to be the one who comes too soon when in bed; after all, who’d want to be proud of cumming less than a minute after you finally thrust in? The sexy vixens featured in the pages of Brisbane Escorts know this, and they have a few tips to help guys last longer in bed.

  • Breathe. This is the easiest thing you can do to make sure you keep your pace from getting too fast and from blowing your load too early. Make it more intimate by looking into your partner’s eyes and synchronising your breathing with hers.

Keeping your breathing at a certain pace helps you keep from getting too excited – which then helps prevent you coming prematurely. As you breathe at a steady pace, one escort adds, it also slows your mind down so you don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

In the same way, it helps you to not rush – you’ll come, don’t worry, and there’s no point in making it happen earlier, because you’ll just end up feeling frustrated. So slow down and let her have her fun, too.

  • Change it up. Don’t let boredom have a part in your sex life; don’t be content with hitting the same spots and using the same pace each time you and your partner get together. Besides forcing you to slow down, changing positions helps you keep from coming too soon.

Just make sure you don’t change positions when she’s close to cumming; that’s something she won’t appreciate much.

  • Get your rocks off. One escort says that masturbating before you get it on with your gorgeous partner can ease the pressure on you. When you orgasm once, the actual thing becomes about enjoying the journey, not just getting to your destination.

You can also try helping her get off a few times, or make it easier for her to come when you finally penetrate her. Instead of taking, say, 5 to 10 minutes on foreplay, take 20 minutes, or even an hour. Really tease her, adds one escort, and she’s more likely to cum when you go at it at last.

Practice makes perfect, really, and one way to train yourself to last longer is to really have some fun with a professional courtesan – browse the gallery at  Brisbane Escorts today!

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