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Brisbane Escorts – Kegel Exercises And How Beneficial They Are To Your Sex Life

private escort girl in brisbane showing titsIf your sex life is lying in the rut, and you feel quiet desperate already, don’t worry because Dr. Arnold Kegel already has the solution to your problems. Somewhere in the 1900s, a physician named Dr. Arnold Kegel developed an exercise method for women who had problems with urinary incontinence, which surprisingly also helped women’s vaginas become more sensitive during intercourse, too. But, what’s great is that Kegel exercises are good for men too. Here’s a look at the benefits of regularly doing it.

When Are Kegel Exercises Prescribed?

In women, Kegels are prescribed for those who suffer from stress incontinence, urge incontinence and pelvic floor weakness due to child birth. These are also prescribed for men who suffer from urinary incontinence, since the exercises can help them fully control a leaky bladder. Guys and their spouses, or even with their lovely Brisbane Escorts, can also do the exercises together.

For example, you could ask your female partner to tighten her muscles around your finger during foreplay, and then do it during intercourse, to give both of you an extra thrill.

How Can Guys And Girls Safely Do It?

According to most health experts, Kegel exercises are very easy to do. They can even be done anywhere, without anyone knowing it. Here’s how women can do it right: First, find the muscles that you use to stop urinating, and then squeeze those muscles for 3 seconds, then relax after 3 seconds.

Ladies should not let their stomach and thigh muscles tighten when doing this. Add a second each every week, until you are able to squeeze for 10 seconds each time. Repeat the method ten to fifteen times per session, and do it at least three times a week. Such exercise works best when done regularly.

For guys, slowly contract the muscles that you use to stop urinating (count to five), and then release the muscles to a slow count of five as well.  Repeat the process ten times. Perform a set of 10,  thrice daily.

Are Kegels Beneficial For Guys and Girls?

In general, Kegel exercises are very beneficial for guys and girls who suffer from urinary or fecal incontinence, or if they dribble after urinating. The exercises are also recommended for men and women who have weak pelvic floor muscles, and for those who suffer from diabetes and obesity. They’re good for males who have had major prostate surgery in the past.

Kegels are not just great for ladies but, for men too. You can do this while driving, sitting, or standing in a grocery checkout line. Best of all, it can help rejuvenate your sex life, regardless of whether you’re married, or you have regular sex with your favourite Brisbane Escorts.

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