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Brisbane Escorts – Innovative, Easy-to-Do Ideas on How to Give Ladies Multiple Orgasms

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If there’s one thing that sets women apart from men in bed, perhaps it’s the fact that they have multiple orgasms, and we only have one! According to a recent study by Indiana University, which covered 1,055 women across all age groups, and asked them extremely detailed questions about what they liked in bed, researchers found that around 47% of women reported experiencing more than one orgasm! Here are a couple of cool and easy-to-do ideas on how to give ladies multiple orgasms.

Touch Her in a Completely Different Way
If you’re hell bent on making every lady out there, including your most preferred Brisbane Escorts, “come” in multiple fashion, perhaps you should first start by touching her in a completely different way!

For example, if she likes a quick, frenzied and concentrated touch, like small circular movements, why don’t you try a slower and a more gentle approach, like skirting around her clitoris without directly touching it!

Rebuild The Intensity
According to another fairly recent survey, 53% of women who had multiple orgasms said that returning to earlier types of touching to rebuild to another orgasm felt the best. The researchers also added that some women want a return to a lower intensity, or need a brief break from the kind of stimulation that helped them reach an orgasm.

This typically means that after she orgasms once, you can return to a slow touch and build back to a faster touch. Since the ladies surveyed preferred returning to the earlier types of stimulation, you could try focusing on the same areas and rhythms you used the first time before trying out something new.

And if a certain touching technique worked once, it may work again! Of the ladies who reported multiple orgasms in the Indiana University study, around 34% of ladies said that continuing with the same kind of stimulation felt best after their first orgasm!

Well, if it’s about touch and sensation, I guess it would be real nice if you have a nice pep talk about it with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Brisbane Escorts, so that you’d have a more fun time in bed, and she’ll be able to experience multiple orgasms too!

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