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Brisbane Escorts – How To Deal With Rough Sex If You’re A Nice Person

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You’re not used to doing something bad between the sheets because you’re such a nice person. But, what if time comes when you ought to ‘act’ bad, like being ‘ordered’ by your lady to slap her butt? Perhaps, rough sex isn’t new to you since it’s common in porn and erotic films. Even the inviting Brisbane Escorts prefer some ‘brutality’ in bed for the sake of intense, enjoyable but safe intercourse!

Rough Sex: Why It’s More Thrilling

Sex experts couldn’t agree unanimously on their definition of rough sex. It can only be described as a blend of animalistic, kinky, wild, passionate or raw. It involves spanking, scratching, biting, role playing, among others. And as you can see in movies, props such as paddles, whips, restraints, handcuffs, blindfolds, and so on, could be used. Roleplaying and acting dominant are likewise vital characterisations often used in rough sex.

Just imagining all those things will create a panorama that rough sex is more intense than the everyday romping, hence couples agree to do it. Likewise, it’s fun in the sense that you’ll be doing what you’re not supposed to normally do, so, it’s like going against the rules. Experienced couples admit that it’s the element of ‘violation’ that actually gives them the thrill.

Another thing that makes rough sex ‘acceptable’ to lovers is because they discover new facets in their sexuality that they never knew existed. That pushes them all the more to venture into what’s considered an ‘unknown realm’. And that, according to them is what makes sex more titillating!

How To Prepare For Rough Sex

1. Start With A Discussion
Experts caution couples that rough sex is all about being in the proper frame of mind, being ‘in the moment’, being vigilant, and not about satisfaction only. Hence, you and your partner could actually start with an honest and open conversation especially if one or you both haven’t experimented with it in the past. Talk about desires, limitations, safety, among all others.

2. Consent To Doing It
You two should have mutual consent because you genuinely feel interested and not because one has requested it or you feel obligated to please the other.

3. Safety First
Always make safety a priority by creating a coded expression indicating that you put an end to whatever you’re doing because your partner doesn’t feel comfortable or is in pain.

Once the preparatory steps have been accomplished, you may now proceed with your experimentation. And you may find that roleplaying could be the way to ease into it. When you’re just acting out a character, letting loose will surprisingly come out easier.

Role Play
Scenarios that are typically performed in the bedroom are that of student-teacher, servant-landlord, patient-doctor, and many more. You can even portray a scene from Fifty Shades like you were Christian Grey, and she- Anastasia Steele!

Talking Dirty – Intense But Not Bloody
It’s just pure obscene words, no blood, no bruises, whatsoever, that give much thrill to rough sex. Sexy whispers of, “get down and lick my balls”, “Let me come honey”, “Do you want me to spank you like this? Like it harder?” actually add spice to the already spicy action.

Don’t be afraid to venture into something new. The seasoned Brisbane Escorts have more tips to share on this kind of sex.

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