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Brisbane Escorts – Helpful Hints on How to Determine if She’s Faking Her Orgasms

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I guess most guys know when their usually laid-back, sweet-natured girlfriend suddenly becomes ravenous for anything, and gladly takes out their sexual hunger against them. Or, I guess maybe they don’t know! According to sex experts, it’s the certain way she locks eyes with you and smiles, and signals her cravings for your kiss, touch and weight on her body. But, how do you know if she’s faking her orgasms? Well, here are a couple of helpful hints on how to determine if she’s faking it.

How Common Are Fake Orgasms?

How would you know if your girlfriend, or your preferred Brisbane Escorts (God forbid!) is faking her orgasms? Well, before you stand proudly on your high horse, and brush your shoulder at the sexual “expert” you are, remember that a recent study notes that around 80% of women have faked an orgasm, accounting for far more than the majority!

Another bummer is that women might be more likely to fake their orgasms as relationships continue for years, even when they are generally satisfied with their bedroom experience, because of the laundry list of outside stressors which include work, family matters, traffic etc., which can clog their minds and make them race to the finish line of sex.

How to Know If It’s Fake

While porn flicks and videos often make an orgasm look like a theatrical performance, sex and relationship experts stress that often times, a real orgasm incites key physical reactions that vary depending on the person.

These may include involuntary muscle contractions like curling toes, hands and fingers, arching her back or clenching her jaw, as well as a rise in her blood pressure and heart rate, which causes her to breathe heavier and turn red. Another clear sign is the labia (or the lips of the external genitals which many call the vagina) become darker, and her clitoris could swell as the body becomes aroused.

To fake orgasms, some women would have to recreate many signs, which include complete moaning sounds, just to pull off the charade. And while some ladies prefer a faster tempo, where she wants to finish ASAP, it’s probably because she’s tired, not feeling it, or knows she won’t reach orgasm with what you’re doing!

But then again, if your hookup mate, or lovely and sexy Brisbane Escorts, is truly enjoying herself, she’s not going to encourage things to move along faster!

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