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Brisbane Escorts – Having an Orgasm Can Make Some People Blind, Health Experts Warn

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All of us know that a mind-blowing orgasm can bring us to greater, or should I say, “heady” heights. But then again, don’t you know that it can also make you blind? Well, according to doctors in Southampton, England, that’s just what happened to one truly unlucky guy there, as a blood vessel burst in his eye, and impaired his vision, after he had an orgasm!

Orgasms Can Cause Hemorrhages in the Eye
I don’t want to spoil your plans tonight with your hookup buddies, or with your favourite Brisbane Escorts, but then again it’s better to stay on the side of caution, because health experts warn that blindingly good sex can be just that – blinding!

The doctors in Southampton pointed out that the guy whose vision got impaired had “vigorous sexual intercourse” the night before, but he had not noticed the problem with his sight until the next morning. The 29 year-old bloke then went to the hospital after noticing that part of his vision was impaired in the left eye, and the doctors found a hemorrhage in his eye caused by a pressure build-up when he had an orgasm!

Why Orgasms Can Lead to Hemorrhages
Now how can orgasms lead to hemorrhages in the eye, and elsewhere? According to a report published in the British Medical Journal, during orgasm, the Valsalva manoeuvre (Holding your breath to prevent an orgasm) can produce a sudden increase in retinal venous pressure, which results in vessel rupture and hemorrhagic retinopathy.

The report also added that men are more likely to hold their breath to stop themselves from ejaculating, and could therefore be more at risk of this type of injury. But hold your horses dude, and don’t panic yet, because the injury is only temporary, and it’s not going to put a major dent on how you enjoy your nights in bed with your favourite Brisbane Escorts!

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